The Widder Curry’s Last Rant for January: ‘Have You Been to a Large Sports Gathering Lately?’

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By Judi Curry

As a new grandmother today (Jan.31) – well, not exactly new as Elliott is my 20th grandchild – I am somewhat mellow.  But only a little bit mellow – because there is a lot bothering me that I will be saying in the next few months. But let’s start with the new garbage collection procedure.

Have you watched any of the football games during the past few weeks?  Have you attended any concert? Ice Hockey game? Wedding? Large gathering activity?

How do you like the latest fad of mask wearing – you know – the one under the chin?

I have watched football for the past few weeks and am amazed that people feel safe yelling and screaming for their teams without mask protection.  Steve, my friend, has season tickets to the Gulls games.  In order to get into the arena you must show proof of vaccination – and if you can’t there is a tent right outside the door where you can have a Covid test on the spot.

So…you show your ID and your vaccination certificates, and walk into the building and take off the mask you had to wear to show your certification.  There are signs flashing on the marquee every few minutes that regardless of vaccination status a mask must be worn by everyone in the arena.

Let me tell you that NO ONE near us – and we are in the second row – wears a mask.  And when the cameraman takes video of the audience NO ONE there is wearing a mask either.

Do you think I feel safe going to the game? Hell no, and I have told Steve that I will not be attending games any more this year. Too bad, because I have enjoyed it, but I have had COVID, and it is not much fun watching an Ice Hockey game from a hospital bed.

And just another aside – the place is not cleaned too well either.  Maybe you don’t care about me and others around you, but I have 20 grandkids that I want to watch grow up – and large gatherings in not the way to fulfill that objective.

Have you received your new SDG&E bill yet?

I spent thousands of dollars on a roof-top solar system.  I replaced my forced air heating system yet my natural gas bill is the highest it has ever been since I bought this house in 1968.  Even when I forgot to turn off the pool heater and had it on for 3 weeks did I not receive a gas bill as high as this one this month.  The electric bill was lower than the gas bill – what an interesting phenomenon!

What do people do that have no income?  (And by the way – my main source of income is Social Security.)  And, of course, that brings me to the last topic I want to mention.

Whoopee! Social Security recipients received a whopping COLA raise of 5.9%.  That is the largest raise in years.  And what did Medicare do? Yep! The raised their rates. Granted, their rate did not wipe out the SS adjustment entirely, but it put a dent in the new total.  And… just to throw out a little more, the consumer price index climbed 7% in 2021, the largest 12 month gain since 1982!  Ah yes… does anyone see a pattern here?

I’m done for January – nothing political this time around.  The scars from all the knife throwing are healing – I think I’ll give it a little longer to heal before I rile you up again.  By the way – Happy New Year!


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Sydney February 2, 2022 at 11:28 am

You go girl. Get it off your chest!


nostalgic February 2, 2022 at 5:53 pm

what do you think the statistics will look like for COVID in cities that are hosting the football games last weekend, and before, and gasp, the Super Bowl! What are the precautions?


Bearded OBcean February 3, 2022 at 8:59 am

I’d imagine that should already be reflected in data given that last week was the third weekend of playoff football, not to mention the regular season.

Given that the SB will be played in LA that has more restrictive covid measures, it will be quite a sight to view the stadium full of maskless fans while we continue to send our children to schools with masks on all day.

Perhaps the maskless fans can do what the mayor of LA did when cahe was caught without a mask last weekend…hold their breath.


Muir Avenue Ale February 10, 2022 at 10:11 am

Widder Curry, you should have your own blog or, better yet, your own reality TV show.

Stay-at-home orders and other lockdown measures are one thing. But being asked to wear a mask indoors? Is that really so onerous? C’mon, America!

I’m not at all worried about myself — I’m vaccinated, boosted, and had covid (covid classic, not delta or omicron, very mild symptoms.) I do, however, continue to be concerned about getting a breakthrough infection with no symptoms, probably from some Trumper who thinks the pandemic is a hoax, and I end up infecting someone old and defenseless on the trolley.


Geoff Page February 10, 2022 at 11:07 am

Muir, have you ever attended a hockey game? I attended one at college. As soon as the game started, everyone jumped to their feet and cheered and cursed for the whole two hours, never sitting back down. I cannot imagine the discomfort of doing that with a mask on. Sporting events are long. I think there are only two solutions. Don’t go to these events or invest in a very high quality mask and wear that. Some people want to take a risk and enjoy their lives, we have to make some kind of accommodation for that.


sealintheselkirks February 10, 2022 at 12:34 pm

I go in no buildings without an N95 on my face. And I’m vaxxed and boosted also. My 2-boxes of 30 each stock of them is getting pretty lean after two years.

The omicron wave was a nightmare no one needed, one that rode in before the nation had even started to wake from delta. Omicron has generated as many cases of COVID-19 in the last three months as were recorded in the entire previous year—and that includes the previous winter peak. In mid-January, the seven-day average of new cases recorded each day reached a cataclysmic average over 820,000.
But then omicron did exactly what many had hoped: Cases began to fall almost as rapidly as they had risen. As of Tuesday, the average was, for the first time since December, below the previous year’s peak. That rapid decline has been, rightfully, greeted with joy. It has also, foolishly, been greeted with ends to mask requirements and a general pretense that “things are so much better that it’s time to get back to normal.”

Which is, in technical terms, a mountainous load of crap. Continued at link.
Latest in the local paper is that this county is seeing the worst covid infection numbers ever with 1 out of 10 residents sick. Tri-County Health reported that it is very likely that is a gross under-count because so many are staying home not reporting along with horrible testing rates. This county has the lowest vaccination rate of any in the state of Washington at 32.7%.
Long Covid is “Sequela” a word that few Americans recognize today. Look it up! Unfortunately, it’s a word that is much more likely to become familiar over the next few years… even decades. A sequela is a long-term pathological effect resulting from exposure to a disease. When the pandemic ends, the damage is not going to be over. 

Long Covid has more than 200 symptoms, study finds
Calls for national screening programme as symptoms revealed range from brain fog to tinnitus
I just can’t wait for the next variant roller coaster ride to blow in.

Not a happy s/



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