OB Town Council Board Election Begins Tonight, Thursday, Jan. 27 – 7 Candidates for 7 Seats

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in Ocean Beach

Connor Harrington and Tony Cohen are in the top row, Anna Firicano is the second row, Stephanie Logan in the 3rd, and Gregory Winter in the bottom row. (This is a shot from my phone.)

The OB Town Council Board of Directors begins its annual election tonight, Thursday, Jan. 27. There are seven candidates for the 7 open seats. Voting closes at midnight on Friday, February 4.

In order to vote, one must be a member. There’s several levels of membership, so go here for more info and how to join.

The candidates were presented at last night’s public meeting, zoom online. Here are their names and a very brief thing about them below, presented in the order from last night. To watch all or parts of the meeting, go here.

Anna Firicano – elected during last summer’s Special Election and has lived in OB for 16 years.

Gregory Winter – also elected during the Special Election.

Kimberly Harrell – has been on the board for a couple of months and a resident of OB for a few years.

Cameron Reid – the current vice-president, is up for re-election for his 3rd term.

Tony Cohen – has been in OB for two years, is originally from Manchester, England.

Connor Harrington – current treasurer, has been in OB since September 2019.

Stephanie Logan – has been on the board for 2 years and has lived in OB for 12 years with a husband and kids.

One might think that only 7 candidates was a low number for the open seats, which reflect a lack of interest in the town council. But again, the pandemic must have played a role in churning up interest for the community group or not. Compare with last year when there were 18 candidates for 8 seats, yet in 2020, there were only 6 candidates for 7 seats.

A quick perusal through OB Rag archives turned up these:

  • 2010 – 8 candidates fro 7 seats;
  • 2012 – 10 candidates for 7 seats;
  • 2015 – 11 candidates for 8 seats.

In 2015, board members were excited because for the first time in “years,” there were  more candidates than seats. (It couldn’t have more than 3 years because in 2012, there were 10 candidates.)

If you haven’t yet, become a member and participate in the online election.

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