In a Tucson Frame of Mind

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in From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

I was just reminiscing
in my mind
how on many
a day
I would curse
the blazing Tucson
summer sun
at noon
and then
kneel in awe
at its beauty
when it set,
and then marvel
at the rising
of a
bright Sonoran moon.

I remember how
it didn’t change the temperature
but it sure changed your tune,
your mood.

Thoughts of Tucson
always adjusts my attitude,
and when my mind,
during these troubled times
and drifts
to memories
of the
Old Pueblo,
I just go with the flow
like the tumbleweeds
and dust devils
the desert blows;
like the washes
and arroyos
that overflow
during the monsoons.

And the next thing I know,
in those brief moments,
I’m energized,
back in stride
with all who
want to turn the tide
in a world
that too often,
seems heading
to the dark side.
I love the ride.

I call it being in a
“Tucson Frame of Mind.”

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Shirley Robinson Sprinkles January 30, 2022 at 7:43 am

A very fine reminiscence! Thanks for reminding me of the beautiful, complicated, and nurturing place where I, too, grew up. Although I left Tucson and Dunbar so many years ago, I can never leave the ways in which I was shaped by the experience: character, aspirations, and confidence are strengths that I owe to the culture and love bestowed on me there.

Thanks, Ernie, for reminding me of a place and time that I never want to forget. . .and thanks for being a significant part of my memory.


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