Key Sierra Club Committee Unanimously Endorses Greenery Revisions to City’s ADU Code

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The Sierra Club’s Conservation Committee has unanimously endorsed sensible, environmentally-friendly revisions to the city’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) code and urges the city council to maintain shade trees and other greenery on properties slated for multi-unit ADU construction.

Committee chair Peter Anderson stated:

“The Sierra Club supports housing, especially affordable housing. But we must preserve the trees that provide shade, absorb greenhouse gas and cool our city.”

The local chapter’s endorsement adds to a long list of support for changes to the ADU code championed by Neighbors For A Better San Diego (NFABSD). The City Council’s Land Use and Housing Committee debated the issue Thursday (no news from that debate is available).

The Sierra Club committee’s 16-0 vote also registers the group’s support for revising the current Transit Priority Area boundaries to reflect the actual walking distance to the closest qualifying transit stop, and encourages “measurable incentives for ADU residents to use public transit.”

The Sierra Club also urges the City Council to revise affordability levels for so-called “bonus ADUs” so those units provide housing for San Diego’s very-low, and low-income residents, instead of simply adding to the city’s already-adequate supply of market-rate rental housing.

For more information and comment on the Sierra Club’s important endorsement of the grassroots effort to sensibly revise San Diego’s ADU ordinance, contact Peter Anderson at

More information on the need to sensibly revise the ADU codes can be found here . NFABSD representatives are available for comment on the Sierra Club’s endorsement, the significance of today’s council committee meeting, and any aspect of the ADU regulations.

NFABSD contact: Paul Krueger, 619-250-3887

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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman January 15, 2022 at 12:48 pm

Let’s acknowledge that San Diego Sierra Club ain’t what it used to be. Shame on the conservation committee’s “unanimous” politically-correct endorsement of Sacramento’s draconian takeover of local zoning authority. Let’s save trees in gardens of demolished single-family homes when replacing them with new-era multiple units of fantasyland “affordable” housing? I don’t think so.

We all know Sacramento’s disputed overruling of local decision-making never will result in much-needed “affordable housing.” Rather, it will be a boon for the building industry and Labor engineered by Sacramento politicians who depend on those groups for campaign contribution cash.

Never mind that the contested law destabilizes existing communities by encouraging residential homeowners’ sellout profiteering; that existing residential neighborhoods (and their trees) will be entirely razed or become helter-skelter hodge-podges of random structures; and that resulting intense population density will overwhelm our already-faltering water, gas. electric and sewer infrastructure.


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