Video: Ernie McCray in His Own Words

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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman October 19, 2021 at 8:23 pm

How fantastic to be able to see and hear Ernie McCray describing his growing up in Tucson AZ back when. He says he was always “naturally” good at two things — sports and teaching — but of course there’s a lot more he’s good at. Like writing. Like truly being mellow, even in the face of Jim Crow and historic racial injustice in this country.
I have never understood how Ernie could not be angry, as a Black man, living with all that. But he seems hard-wired to be confident and easy-going, never angry. Maybe it was the influence of his remarkable mother, whom he describes as the smartest person he’s ever known.Whatever it is, it was a tonic, a joy and a privilege to watch this wonderful video. Thanks, OB Rag. Thanks, Ernie.


BARBARA LEWIS October 22, 2021 at 1:19 pm

Truthful and humane-centered as always….lovely.

Thank you.


BobbijobTousignant November 15, 2021 at 9:08 pm

I was blessed with being friends with Mr McCray’s son Guy. Sadly the only time I met him was at the celebration of life for my friend Guy . It has been a special moments when your path crosses men such Mr McCray and His son Guy. I am often enlightened and think a little deeper because if Mr McCrays unbelievable way with his poetry and writings just as I had been moved by his sons sings and music .Along with charming personalities which I had the good fortune of experiencing.This world is such a better place with people like these two McCray men. My first thought when Guy died was it was just to soon However after following Ernie McCray on social media and having been touched with Guys friendship .I truly believe in this world we live in that anytime would be too soon because people like Ernie and Guy are a rarity and people have no idea what they might ssed and someday will miss when these gentlemen are not here making this world brighter. .what positivity a father and son brought into my world and my mind by sharing there gifts of wisdom and thoughts and words music if we all could leave such a incredible energy just by crossing paths with another person for a moment in time my experience is something I am thankful for and strive to share when I cross someone’s path .Thank you to both Ernie and Guy for sharing there gifts with me I carry them with me and am a better person and Thank you Ernie for teaching your son to be as great as he was his words and music are a part of who I am now and your words that yoiu share keep me hopeful in humankind .


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