Debate On Whether ‘Progress’ Has Been Made Over Jet Noise in OB, Point Loma and La Jolla

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in Ocean Beach, San Diego

There’s currently a debate going on in the “pages” of the La Jolla Light over whether “progress” has been made regarding commercial jet noise, particularly over Point Loma and OB.

Anthony Stiegler, the co-founder and secretary of Quiet Skies La Jolla, wrote a piece on September 7 about the progress  that has been made with the noise from aircraft.

Stiegler reported on the progress his group has made with the FAA and the County Airport Authority:

There is good news to report. First, significant noise mitigation may be implemented in Ocean Beach by instituting vertical takeoff thrust parameters. Second, a new waypoint further offshore for nighttime northbound departures, rather than along the coast off La Jolla, has been submitted for FAA approval. Third, there is a path forward to better daytime noise mitigation by dispersing and flying planes farther offshore to protect the coastal communities to the north and south.

We reached a settlement in our litigation with SDCRAA in which our interests are understood and recognized, alignment with SDCRAA and the FAA is feasible, and the FAA may be amenable to solutions that protect the health of people and communities near airports. Your voices, financial support and air-noise complaints have been vital to these achievements. (For the balance of Stiegler’s piece at the LJ Light, go here.)

In response, four people — all residents of Point Loma — wrote a counterpost published Oct. 18 at the Light. R. Casey Schnoor, Nancy Palmtag, Mike Tarlton and Bob Herrin argued that any “progress” made has not been good for the residents of the Point Loma peninsula. They wrote:

Beginning in 2015, we have been fighting airport noise issues through the various San Diego County Regional Airport Authority-sponsored community committees. Based on this background, we are concerned by several of the representations made in the referenced opinion piece.

The Flight Procedure Analysis and FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] Part 150 citizen advisory committees convened under the control of SDCRAA to further develop mitigation efforts for noise and pollution derived from the recommendations of the Airport Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC). From those studies, Mr. [Anthony] Stiegler references several elements.

First, please note that Quiet Skies San Diego was founded in 2017 by Mr. Stiegler, a retired litigator, and fellow Bird Rock and La Jolla residents. No [Point Loma] peninsula residents are involved members of Quiet Skies. As such, Mr. Stiegler does not always speak for the peninsula’s interests. Therefore, in our view, several of Mr. Stiegler’s points of “good news” referenced in his commentary must be clarified… (For the balance of this argument, please go here.)


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Paul Webb October 20, 2021 at 5:09 pm

Just a little reminder that airport noise is essentially a zero-sum game. If you help out one area, you are probably causing greater noise in another.


Chris October 21, 2021 at 7:34 am

Funny story. I went though boot camp at RTC/NTC in ’86. The company commander would bark orders at us knowing we couldn’t hear him when planes were flying over, which was often. He took advantage of the fact so he could inflict some time of punishment. By the time I graduated I was able to do more push ups than when I started and was an expert at stripping and waxing floors.


Robert Germann October 21, 2021 at 9:26 am

Hi, I would recommend the citizens movement focus on moving the airport to MCAS. Things have changed since this proposal was voted on in 2005-2006.
This move would benefit both the citizens and the aviation business (airlines)
The reasons are endless why this would be a great move for San Diego County.
visit Citizens Against Gillespie’s Expansion Low Flying Aircraft
In Solidarity


Nate Birnbaum October 21, 2021 at 10:31 am

If article header photo is indicative of actual aircraft altitude over Point Loma, one might want to remove the tall city owned palms on Newport Avenue.


Frank Gormlie October 21, 2021 at 10:40 am

Dude, we could have found this photo anywhere – why assume it’s Pt Loma?


Sadie October 21, 2021 at 12:21 pm

Airport noise might be less for La Jolla, but not for PB, MB, OB & PL. Those noise complaints matter! Fact is, La Jolla has the Peninsula beat with number of noise complaints, and convincing Airport Authority to send the noise south. Not good for PB, MB, OB & PL. ( for the easy to use, air noise button.) The issue is explained here:

This is interesting timing & not sure it’s believable.


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