A Video Regarding the Direction I’d Like to See the World Go

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in Civil Rights, From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

The other day,
in my backyard
on my patio,
I got to read a poem,
and say a few things
on a video,
regarding the direction
I’d like to see the world go.
Young folks,
my favorite folks,
were in the back of my mind
as I spoke,
as I’ve been
around young folks
for, seemingly,
a lifetime or so
doing stuff like
reading, writing
and arithmetic
and breaking the world we live in
down inch by inch,
letting it sink in
with a little prose and poetry
and sketches
and dance routines
and drawings and paintings
and a number of other things
that might come to our minds,
having a good time,
leaving me of the mind
that children
are representers of
what hope there is
for humankind,
a generation
that will
have to,
|more than any generation
before them,
bring a few
tired old
status quos
to an end,
to make up for
the overabundance
of isms
and sins
that have been
committed by generation
upon generation on end,
not to mention
that how well they
carry out such a mission
will depend
on the guidance
the adults in their lives
offer them
as our society
has manufactured
so many lies
we need to deconstruct for them,
highlighting the many truths
we need to share with them,
the paths
we need to pave for them,
all that to say
that preparing our children
to make the world better
is the direction
I’d like to see the world go.

That’s why I made
The video.


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