The Big Wave Trumps the Big Lie

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By Colleen O’Connor

What a night.  The results were in, way faster and better than Democrats could have imagined, while the somewhat stunned newscasters stumbled to keep up the non-existent suspense.

It was all over except the shouting and cheering and booing and lying, in less than an hour.

True, mail-in ballots were counted first; same day and late arrivals are still to come, but nothing will overtake the huge win for Democrats and the “fire bell” in the night for Republicans.

It was all caps at The San Diego U-T:


The lede at the Los Angeles Times:

NEWSOM PREVAILS – Californians overwhelmingly reject Republican-led recall effort

And the Governor’s hometown paper, the San Francisco Chronicle:

Gavin Newsom survives recall by massive margin

Last week, I predicted a strong indicator of the GOP’s bleak future.  Starting with the possible California results in the “recall Newsom” effort.  A strong “NO” showing (anything near the high-50s or over 60%), could signal a huge anti-Trump, GOP defeat.  As of Wednesday morning, the count was over 62%.

As I wrote:

“It could happen.  It might happen.  Odds are increasing that it will happen.

What began as a Republican “double down” big bet is looking like a “big wave” wipeout.

The Republicans’ strategy of recalling Governor Newsom (amid COVID, fires, homelessness, drought, and MAGA-Trumpian grievances among voters), seemed clever.  Even at a cost of taxpayers of $276 million.”

And did it happen.  As Stacey Abrams proved in Georgia, the “ground game” and a seriously flawed opponent make the winning combo.  California proved it again, last night.

Also, I wrote:

“For early clues, watch for the polling among those once Republican Orange County women who voted Democratic in 2018; electing several new members to the House, and returning Pelosi to her Speakership role.”

And Orange County delivered, again.  In this ultra conservative county, nearly 53% voted NO on recalling Newsom.

And, again, it was the burgeoning woman’s vote that provided the margins.  The reasons were obvious.

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision blocking women’s rights to reproductive freedom (done via the “shadow docket”); without in-court arguments; ignoring over 50 years of “settled case law”; making no exceptions in cases of rape or incest; and allowing for vigilante bounty hunters; swelled the backlash wave.

Add to that, women are mostly the front-line hospital staff and caregivers, the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and daughters tasked with confronting the pandemic up close and personal.

That swelling wave—looming just “outside,” as surfing lingo explains—was formed by the pandemic, the anti-vaxxers, the sexism, racism, and vitriol that morphed people’s legitimate concerns into non-stop bile— drove more women to say no to Trump-ism toxicity and reject the Newsom recall.

And reject it they did.

“According to the Public Policy Institute of California, a full two-thirds of women voters (66 percent) are against the recall.”

My new headline: “The Big Wave Trumped the Big Lie last night.”

Granted, the same day ballots, overseas’ ballots, late mail arrivals, and contested ballots are still to be counted, but keep watching.  That wave is out there and growing by the day.  Any political weathervane points to a tsunami event.

Governor Newsom caught part of the truth in his victory speech: “We said yes to science, we said yes to vaccines, we said yes to ending this pandemic.”

And women said yes to civility over chaos.

They heeded Thomas Jefferson’s, “fire bell in the night.”



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Frank Gormlie September 15, 2021 at 10:15 am

Colleen O’Connor predicted the Democratic tsunami swamping the recall effort.


sealintheSelkirks September 15, 2021 at 10:49 am

On the back cover of the August issue of Funny Times there is a cartoon title THEN and NOW by…it looks like a cartoonist named Sutton. It has six panels split in half and the left split is Republican THEN and the right side being Republican NOW.

The first one is so appropriate to this ex-recall as it shows a Trumpie voter wearing a tee shirt with BUTTHURT, SNOWFLAKE? holding a coffee cup with LIBERAL TEARS written on the side, and she’s saying “Trump won, get over it” with a very well done evil look on her face.

The NOW side has the same woman with her wearing a red STOP THE STEAL tee shirt buried waist deep in used kleenex holding a box of Trump Tissue bawling her eyes out screaming Biden Cheated! Recount Arizona! Boo hoo hoo!

I mean, how appropriate is that to this moment, eh?

YAY California voters for seeing through this very expensive scam and kicking their butts. We’re having some of the same problems here in Washington State but so far the Fascists haven’t tried to recall our Gov. Yet. Sure are a lot of looney protests going on about the mask mandate in schools etc etc so…yeah, you LOST get over it!

I am so tired of stupid that I wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper (see if Jared publishes it this week) and ordered a new bumper sticker from that says:

Blind Faith in Bad Leaders is not Patriotism

Congrats Cali voters!



kh September 15, 2021 at 10:40 pm

The polls and outcome became quite predictable once Larry Elder put a big lead on the other replacement candidates.

At that point it was no longer a vote for/against Newsom, it was a vote of Newsom vs. Elder, which of course galvanized Dem voters, even ones that might otherwise not be fond of Newsom. The Democrat party wisely aimed for that scenario.

Only a delusional Republican would think Elder leading was good strategy. Instead they should’ve propped up some Dem alternatives to convince more voters it was safe to vote Yes on recall. So it’s clear to me Elder was really just vying for first loser, to sell books or improve his brand (which has no value in california politics).

The initial tally was based largely in advance voting. The day of voting as it is counted will reduce that advantage. It’s currently at 64/36. Still a substantial lead. It will be interesting to see if that gets closer to 60/40. Considering there are twice as many registered Ds than Rs here, thanks not exactly anything to brag about or let the guard down.

The most interesting result from all this was how pathetic Cox and Faulconer performed. They should maybe consider a different career path.


colleen September 17, 2021 at 7:58 am

According to CNN, Trump pushing Big Lie backers for 2022

“Swing state by swing state, former President Donald Trump is trying to get people who tried to overturn the 2020 election chosen to be in charge of the 2024 election,” CNN reports.


Jan Michael Sauer September 17, 2021 at 8:44 pm

What did Donald Trump say to his wife after taking Viagra ? ” The erection was rigged ! “


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