The Widder Curry Is at it Again – This Time Against the Anti-VAXXers

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By Judi Curry

I attended a social gathering of twelve women the other night and more than two came up to me and asked me why I hadn’t written anything lately.  Basically I answered that I was so fed up with what is going on around me that I am trying not to let the social fabric of today get in my way.

Of course we all know that is impossible; every time you walk out of your house you can’t help but wonder if you are putting yourself at risk.

There are two things happening – or not happening – that have my dander up this week.  (It is subject to change next week.)

The first one has to do with those people that refuse to get a Covid vaccine. People very, very dear to me refuse to get it.  One person said that he had Covid, he is very healthy, and now has an immunity against it.  I asked him how he knew he had an immunity? After all, I had Covid; I was very ill; but I still had the Pfizer vaccines.

I asked if I could have a test to see if I was immune, but I was told there was nothing available. (That is also puzzling, because my son-in-law that also had Covid gave blood the other day and he was tested for anti-bodies. Why can’t those of us that had Covid be tested for anti-bodies without having to give blood?)

I have tried to begin my regular routines – shopping, restaurant reviews, small gatherings, and I am amazed at the people saying they are safe; that they do not have to have the vaccine.  The rationale behind so many of the anti-VAX’s is mind boggling – a conspiracy; with the vaccine the government will be able to track our every movement; it’s an excuse to murder us; today someone said to me that “ . . I don’t want to get dementia.”

I asked where she would be getting dementia and she told me that the” . . vaccine includes something that shrinks the brain.”

I think that many of you have the same memory I have when the polio vaccine came out.  People clamored to get it.  There was none of the discussion about losing one’s memory; of it not being safe.

I was just a kid and I remember my mother taking me to the pediatrician to have the sugar cube.  I also remember the horrific pictures of people in iron lungs filling up the hospital beds.  A very similar picture of today’s epidemic of Covid: the hospital beds, hallways, parking lots, etc. are filled to capacity and people are dying by the minute.

You seldom hear about Polio any more.  I can tell you that my late-husband had polio and the pain that he talked about was every bit as bad as what Covid sufferers are going through now.  Many polio patients didn’t survive; many, like my husband, had limbs that were atrophied from the disease.  But we seldom hear about anyone getting polio any more. Why?  BECAUSE THEY HAD THE VACCINE.

And that brings me to the second rant:  I was an educator for many years, from a teacher to a principal, to an assistant professor, to an assistant deputy director of a Job Corps Center, etc.  The most important part of any of the positions was the welfare of the students. They needed to be safe, and the only way we could insure that was if the staff was also “safe.”  Yes, there was a form for parents to fill out telling why they didn’t want their child to have the small pox vaccine, or the polio vaccine – or … And, for the most part it was based on religious convictions – not on their political persuasion.

School has reopened – although why it is opening during the hottest time of the year instead of the middle of September as it used to be done is another subject that I may discuss at a later date – but if you look at the television and watch the parents ridicule the school boards, the teachers, the governors for employing a rule re: masking and/or vaccines, you know that America has lost it.

As an educator I sure as hell would not want to be the only one in my classroom that had the vaccine when the 20-25 students sitting around me have not had it; nor do they have to have a mask.  Are they isolated? Do they not have contact with other human beings?

\Sure, I would prefer not to mask at all.  Many students need to see the lips of the teacher to understand what is being said; some students are hard of hearing and the mask muffles the words, but you know what? Dying reduces all hearing and seeing.  The hospital beds are once again filled, and this time with young people.

As a parent and a grandparent of 20 children, I would not want to have any of my relatives go into a classroom where everyone has not had the vaccine, and everyone is not wearing a mask.  And picture the child wearing a mask that sneezes into the mask. Where do you think the virus is going to go? Back in the sneezer?

Keep the children at home until a safe method is designed and utilized by all the children and staff.  It only takes one to spread the disease to everyone else. How many times recently have you heard said, “I wish I had had the vaccine?”  Or how many times have you heard a spouse say “I wish he had had the vaccine?”

Are these parents that are standing outside protesting the masks going to say, “I wish I had allowed him to be vaccinated.  Well Parent, if you have to say it it is too late.  Get off the political wagon and listen to the scientists, the physicians, the nurses – the people that are working with these dying and critically ill humans.

Don’t let people with an ax to grind make your mind up for you.  You have brains – use them.  Think about the person you may infect; think about a classroom of 25 children; one teacher that has been vaccinated and wearing a mask, and think about that one child that has been exposed to Covid and is sitting right next to your child.  Think people.  Think!


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Marilyn Steber August 13, 2021 at 9:30 am

I feel the same way, Judy. And I am angry all the time!


Judi Curry August 13, 2021 at 3:38 pm

Thanks Marilyn. I just cannot understand the thinking of people today. And then, when you read that a father killed his 2 year old and his 10 month old because he was told they would be “monsters” I cannot fathom the thinking going into this movement.


triggerfinger August 13, 2021 at 6:15 pm

With the vaccine, you are 8x less likely to get Covid than someone unvaccinnated, and 25x-50x less likely to be hospitalized. You could’ve gotten re-infected already without even knowing it.

In California, vaccination rates are fairly high, 66% of the population has at least one dose. And keep in mind only about 88% are even eligible to take it.

Covid is still spreading among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Case rate is at about 1/4 of last year’s peak. There’s been a very slight uptick in deaths, and they are at about 10% of the peak, virtually all of which among the unvaccinated.

The number of breakthrough cases in the past 6 months resulting in hospitalization in CA is about 1 in 10,000 vaccinated people. Deaths are 1 in 100,000.


sealintheSelkirks August 14, 2021 at 11:04 am

As a former Pre-K ECE teacher, there isn’t an age group that carries more bugs than a 4 1/2 year old! I went down sick over and over my first year with everything the 16 kids in the class brought in. Strep, Pink Eye twice, every cold and flu and sniffle. And now we find out that Delta is nailing the young unlike the 1st Wave that slammed us older folks. And these idiots keep screaming Q-Anon right wing madness because they are so afraid they have flipped the switch from cognition to utter emotional Amygdala reactions.

As we can’t stop stupid given that we see people dying in hospitals screaming at doctors that they don’t have Covid…my response to your rant would be:

Governors Should be Held Criminally Responsible for Ignoring Covid-19

Why not go after Abbot in Texas and DeSantis in Florida etc etc? Hospitals are filling up AGAIN but this time with the young… And then continue running up the pyramid of power, yes? I can think of many that should be held accountable, can’t you?

As for the NMMs (no mask morons)-I couldn’t think of anything else to call them, I’m rapidly losing what little empathy I might have left if any is left after 18 months of foolish primate behavior, and especially when I read and hear on the radio the chanting screaming threatening crowds surrounding county public health director yelling Take It Off and We Know Who You Are and We’ll Get You. I heard an audio yesterday of this on David Packman’s radio show. Very chilling indeed.

Woe to the first person that tries to grab my face and rip my mask off. Male or female, I will consider that an assault with deadly intent and act appropriately as I’ve been trained.

You know, I would think that it gets a little more real when your kid dies of this disease but maybe not as they just outed a county coroner (Missouri?) removing ‘died of Covid’ from death certificates…supposedly to help with the grieving of relatives!

And almost ex-NY Dem gov Cuomo has been outed not counting thousands of nursing home deaths. Latest statistics says over a million dead in the US and climbing, one out of every 331 people has died of this. Now the caskets will be a lot smaller… Insanity as the 2nd Wave sweeps the world.



sealintheSelkirks August 15, 2021 at 12:56 am

Not much more one can say that isn’t said here. Vid links in article. This is…ugly, folks.

Child Hospitalization for Covid-19 Hits All-Time High in US: Report
“This is not last year’s Covid,” said the former head of the American Academy of Pediatrics. “This one is worse and our children are the ones that are going to be affected by it the most.”

My local weekly paper came out, front page says ‘Covid Activity Exploding in the Region.’ Yeah, in an area where the average county in this area has vax rates at 30% or less? Ya think? And you won’t believe (maybe you would after reading the above articles) who is about to be elected to the school boards in the runoff election that was in the letters to the editor section…



nostalgic August 15, 2021 at 5:51 am

Even when rules were in place, they were not enforced. I don’t even know what “good manners” are these days. If you ask a repair person who is coming into your house, “Have you been vaccinated?” they seem offended. If they answer “people have rights,” I would ask for someone else. If they say “yes,” I don’t go to the next step to see proof, because they don’t have any. Nobody carries that with them. In general, people do not seem to think it appropriate to ask, “have you been vaccinated?” They consider it a personal question. Masks are disappearing. The Delta variant seems more intelligent than humans. It knows how to survive.


Chris August 15, 2021 at 6:28 am

I don’t know anyone who keeps the card in their possession at all times but I and pretty much all vaccinated people I know keep a pic of it on their phone.


Lyle August 15, 2021 at 7:35 am

I always carry several id cards with me, such as drivers license, library card, etc. This is convenient because they are all of a standard size which fits in standard-sized carrying devices. So if the vax card was meant to be carried around with me, why is it so big ?? And why is it printed on a material that will quickly deteriorate ?


kh August 15, 2021 at 7:53 am

I’ve done a lot of home inspections over the past year and not once been asked about my vaccination status. We do ask up front if they’d like us to wear a mask or any other precautions.

But just asking for vaccine status on the doorstep isn’t good manners in my opinion. You should ask that question upon making the call, and go elsewhere if you’re not ok with their answer. Otherwise they’ve already cleared their schedule and come out and are not going to be happy with being turned away.


Peter from South O August 15, 2021 at 8:54 am

If ANY tradesman or professional shows up on my doorstep to conduct business inside the home they are going to be politely asked to mask up. Not my business to inquire about their vaccination status, as that is a personal health matter. There are quite a few people who cannot get vaccinated, but EVERYONE can wear a mask. I even keep a packet of disposables right next to the front door.


nostalgic August 15, 2021 at 9:22 am

I agree with you, but if the answer to “Have you been vaccinated?” is “No,” I have given them a mask which they don’t carry, and companies tend not to answer the question. Sometimes it is not possible to go elsewhere. (Think SDG&E, Telephone company). I tend to state it a little more politely, starting with “We have been vaccinated,” as of course, they deserve the same information I would like to have.


kh August 16, 2021 at 2:37 pm

That sounds completely reasonable. Wearing masks should circumvent the entire subject of vaccines. And would you even take their word for it anyways?

It’s totally unprofessional for them to not bring a mask and shoe coverings if their job entails entering people’s occupied homes. It’s just part of doing business this day and age. It’s also totally unprofessional to give their unsolicited opinion on masks and vaccines with customers. You show up prepared with PPE and any other commonly requested gear, and you either abide by their house rules (even if outlandish), or you respectfully leave, and contact your company and figure it out.


sealintheSelkirks August 15, 2021 at 11:19 am

Lyle: get your card laminated. Much longer lasting that way. And I agree, it IS too big for my wallet which shows a lack of foresight by the gov (you are surprised?) but I carry a belt pack anyway so it doesn’t really matter much.

Seeing more cellphone vax card pics at the 2nd hand in town, too, which is no problem as she’s still requiring & giving out the ear-loop surgical masks. But I expect to see people faking those pics here pretty quick. Same crap as those ‘official mask exemption’ cards that were being sold online last year people waved trying to walk into Kathy’s store. She didn’t budge which was good for her!

I’m expecting mask mandates, at least for all indoor activity, to be coming back here pretty quick as WA State just announced all schools will follow in-school masking regardless of what school boards say or the schools will lose State funding. That’s raising a howl let me tell you, but kids are going to still be getting sick. How bad it goes is…problematical. To the close-the-schools point again? Quite possibly especially for the younger grades/under age 12 that aren’t allowed the vaccines. Which I don’t get because I had the Smallpox, and remember drinking the Polio Virus vaccine in 1st grade…

See if the feds get a clue as the hospitals fill up with sick & dying kids. I hope sooner rather than later but, you know…politics.

I have a cartoon from years ago of a guy holding his on-fire head captioned ‘The stupid, it burns!’ Sure is a lot of that going on…



Peter from South O August 15, 2021 at 2:19 pm

It is bad advice to say “get your card laminated”. You must have missed all the discussion about that when Office Depot offered to do it for free.

Just do a web search on “why you should not laminate your vaccination card”.


Peter from South O August 15, 2021 at 2:20 pm

Keep your card in a safe place, and apply online for and carry this in California:


sealintheSelkirks August 16, 2021 at 4:36 pm

Digital vaccination record? I’m assuming that means I’d have to have a cell phone to download a copy to. Never had one, don’t want one. dislike what they’ve done to people’s attention spans and conversational habits…besides being really annoying because people are so addicted to them they cannot stop looking at them constantly even when you are having a conversation. Very weird behavior!

As this link never loaded after 4 tries I don’t know what it said…but it’s obviously a Cali site so it doesn’t apply to Washington State anyway.

Sure was a bunch of no-no posts about laminating when I popped into the search engine. Way too whiny! Like they can’t give out another cheap paper CDC card if you get a booster? The card would get trashed in my wallet or tucked in somewhere in my belt pack and become unreadable pretty quickly I would think. Our tiny local weekly newspaper has been doing that for free as a community service.

There are far more pressing issues to deal with in the world, yeah?



Chris August 16, 2021 at 5:50 pm

Your decision to laminate your card is your prerogative, but the fact is it’s best to keep your card stored in a safe place as apposed to carrying it around with you. So it really doesn’t matter if it’s credit card/id card sized or not, let alone laminated. Your decision not to have a cell or smart phone is also your prerogative, but the fact is most people don’t choose that route so for the overwhelming majority it’s best to either take a picture of both sides with their phone or if available in their state a digital download. I’m sure Washington has their own version.


Peter from South O August 17, 2021 at 7:04 am

The California vaccine record is a QR code on a digital device, or a paper print out (with the QR code and the full vaccination record in text as well.
When you go for your booster shot if you do not have either of these be prepared for a wait as you are processed as an “exception”. The health provider or pop-up clinic will have to access the CDC database and fill out a new card with your full vaccine history. If you have made the decision to laminate your original two-dose card they will still have to verify you in the database prior to reissuing a new card.

Seal, WA does not have an equivalent database product accessible to the general public, but the doctors and health care providers in the state have a system called the “Washington State Immunization Information System” which is integrated into “Secure Access Washington”. They can verify you with that system and then issue you a new card.

In either case, no smartphone is required for the individual.


nostalgic August 17, 2021 at 11:00 am

Peter from South O, thank you so much for the California information on proof of vaccination! I didn’t know about it, and it took me no more than two minutes to complete:


sealintheSelkirks August 17, 2021 at 11:49 am

Thanks Peter from South O. Being limited to a very old HP computer running XP OS and on dial-up internet I can’t access a lot of the new tech. I’m literally blocked because dial-up runs so slow the new tech doesn’t recognize it and respond. When I published last August even my shop website had to be rebuilt by my webmaster to handle the new cell phone apps because orders immediately crashed it!

And Chris, yep keeping my vax card in a safe place probably would be a good idea but seeing as that I’m in Evac I again due to another damn monster wildfire burning just three miles south of the tiny burg of Springdale. 5000 acres in flames upwind of my property as of 4pm yesterday that also went up and over east on the same ridgeline I live on towards Loon Lake, so the safest place for my card is probably in my wallet at this point! I have a borrowed cargovan from friends up north parked in front of the house partially loaded so if it goes Evac II I will be mostly ready to get sentimental stuff into it (like the last surfboards I shaped & glassed in my OB shop!) and be ready to bug out if it goes to III. That happens quick so…being prepared is the way to go. The air is un-breatheable, pieces of torched forest is falling in tiny particles-really nasty in the eyes, I know of one person who was burned out yesterday, and it’s so dark that I’ve got lights on in the house. It was 100’F again but with this much smoke it probably won’t get that high today. Red sky in the morning sailors take warning…and the dim light outside is, as always lately, very very reddish.

As for cellphones, I have a landline with an answering machine. But imagine not having a TV since 1993 either. I rather like both!



Peter from South O August 17, 2021 at 2:40 pm
sealintheSelkirks August 18, 2021 at 3:20 pm

Unfortunately Gov Abbot’s karma isn’t so deadly seeing as he’s TOTALLY VACCINATED and has the best medical care at NO COST to rely on paid for by the taxpayers of Texas whose children he’s telling school districts can’t mask up in schools:

After Banning Mask and Vaccine Mandates, GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Gets Covid-19

“Abbott will have access to the best healthcare, the best doctors, the best treatments… The kids who he refuses to protect from Covid in his state’s schools? Not so much.”

If Karma actually existed as the inaccurate version espoused by the New Age types, it would show itself in the form of this Trump-clone dying of it. And DeSantis of Florida. And a former occupant of the White House…along with the rest of the rather large list of Republicans that are literally killing their constituents by pushing this claptrap…

I keep hoping that Irony will kick in sometime soon, eh? That I know exists! Before the next even more deadly variant (Wave III?) shows up to continue the slaughter hopefully. Right now we are in 1919’s 2nd Wave.

Big sigh. I’ve got no empathy left for the NMMs I guess. Hard to muster any sympathy for people who just refuse to read the science.



kh August 18, 2021 at 8:51 pm

Wishing death on Republican politicians? That’s a little much. Last I checked they didn’t prevent people from getting vaccinated to reduce their risk by a factor of 50..


sealintheSelkirks August 19, 2021 at 11:33 am

Nah, kh, just commenting back at Peter from South O’s comment on karma being a bitch. My maternal grandpa was a Buddhist Priest who re-organized the San Francisco Temple in 1935 and his understanding of Karma/Dharma was very different from the current modern ‘usage’ of the term which seems to involve a lot of revenge thinking in the here & now. That’s not what he was taught or talked to me about… Karma doesn’t work that way.

At this point the anti-vax/anti-mask/it’s all a democrat plot to evict Trump from the White House crowd has emptied my ’empathy’ cup after having to deal with aggressively angry people for over a year who raise their voices, shake their fists, and threaten because they don’t like the very large ‘Mask Still Required’ sign on the 2nd Hand door when they are asked if they are vaxxed because it’s their, and I quote, “god-given right” to refuse to put one on when asked by the 68 yr old woman with 5 stints in her heart who owns the store who does NOT want to catch this disease as you can imagine… The inherent violence barely suppressed but extremely obvious in tone and body language is pretty disturbing to me and scares the piss out of her. I’ve personally witnessed them standing inside ranting and spewing spit (literally which is dangerous if asymptomatic) threatening her. I’ve had to help them choose to go back out the door a few times… She’s been there over twenty years and has nearly had enough because she isn’t running the store for an income but more as a community service in this low income area… The only reason she’s still open is that there are people who walk in and thank her for keeping the requirement AND her very low prices.



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