Local ‘Serial Good Samaritan’ Hospitalized For Trying to Put Out Fire in Stranger’s Vehicle

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Diane Bell, the U-T columnist, showcased local Michael Pallamary as a “serial good Samaritan” in today’s column. Apparently, Michael had to be hospitalized recently for injuries he suffered trying to put out a stranger’s vehicle fire on Rosecrans Street.

By Diane Bell / San Diego Union-Tribune / July 22, 2021

Michael Pallamary is a serial good Samaritan.

The San Diego businessman’s most recent rescue was about noon on July 10 when he spotted smoke coming from a van on Rosecrans Street near its intersection with Interstate 5 East. Pallamary didn’t hesitate to pull over his car to help — and his heroics landed him in the hospital.

“I ran over and yanked the van door open. ‘Let’s go. You’ve got to get out in here,”’ he yelled to the confused and distraught occupant.

He grabbed the fellow and helped him get out. Then the guy ran down the street. A police officer later informed Pallamary that the man told them he was running after his dog.
The scene was a blur of smoke, fire, screams and pandemonium, but one thing w’as clear to Pallamary: The van doubled as the man’s home. It w’as jammed with sundry’ belongings, including a bicycle on the back.

The burning vehicle had stopped in front of a thrift store operated by the Rock Church, so Pallamary’ ran in and borrowed a store fire extinguisher to fight the flames.
As he was trying unsuccessfully to douse the fire, a woman approached him in tears. “Please help me,“ she begged. “My car is parked here.” It was about 25 feet away in the store parking lot and clearly in danger of catching fire.

Pallamary offered to help her move it.

“It won’t start,” she said.

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