Airbnb Claims Crackdown on Parties Prevented 6,000 ‘Risky’ San Diego Bookings

by on July 8, 2021 · 3 comments

in Ocean Beach, San Diego

By Mark Saunders / ABC10News / June 29, 2021

Airbnb said Monday, June 28, that its crackdown on unauthorized parties in the San Diego area has blocked thousands of potentially risky reservations.

The vacation rental booking company said that since it began its campaign last year, 6,000 people were either blocked or redirected while making potentially risky reservation attempts. That’s compared to 15,000 in Los Angeles and 4,500 in Las Vegas, according to Ben Breit, the head of Trust and Safety Communications for Airbnb.

“Probably many of them are great people that were trying to book for legitimate reasons but haven’t earned that trust yet on Airbnb,” Breit explained.

Breit said the attempt to stop more unauthorized parties from happening is working so far.

“We’ve been gradually escalating our measures to try and stop unauthorized parties to the best of our abilities,” said Breit. “Everyone deserves the right to have peace and quiet in their neighborhood.”

The new figures were announced ahead of the July 4 holiday weekend, when bookings and gatherings are expected for many of San Diego’s tourism hotspots. Airbnb added that to prepare for the holiday, it’s prohibiting guests that don’t have a history of positive reviews from making one-night reservations of entire homes across the country.

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J-Bird July 8, 2021 at 8:36 pm

Yeah, right. I call bulls**t on this puff piece. I have been very fortunate for the last 14 years to live on Sixth Avenue with Balboa Park as my front yard… with lots of peace and quiet in our community. Two years ago, the adjoining property became a “mini hotel”… basically a vending machine STVR with no oversight or accountability by the mis-management company “Avantstay”. I can tell you that the quality of life has been seriously diminished because this property is absolutely a “party house”. There is currently no recourse for this, and of course the police can’t be bothered. I spend half of my time in OB with my partner, so I have some “skin in the game” and I understand how horrible the STVR BS is impacting OB also in her sphere. It is shameful that our city council members are blatantly looking the other way, and pretending that this is not a serious quality of life issue, and frankly still illegal? WTF…? I’m frustrated by all of this. Nobody seems to be willing to just shut it down, Hello Mara Elliot? Dr. Jen’s compact with the devil is in no way acceptable, BTW-She lives in Clairemont- very unlikely that a bunch of kids are going to rent the house next to her and party for two to three days. Thanks Dr. Jen for your kind concern and thoughtfulness for the constituents in District 2. NOT!


kh July 9, 2021 at 3:47 pm

Whooop dee doo.

There’s over 1.3 MILLION nights booked on Airbnb and other platforms in San Diego per year. This is calculated from TOT revenue, one of the few metrics Airbnb can’t keep hidden.

Oh, and they all in violation of the law, still. Or as Jen Campbell would call them, “good actors”.


Douglas Blackwood July 9, 2021 at 9:48 pm

Jen Campbell must go, the worst rep our district has ever had in my 50 years in OB!


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