‘Mr. Mayor, Does Broken Window at Mission Hills Library Reflect Decay of San Diego?’

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in Ocean Beach, San Diego

What’s Up With the Mayor’s App? – Part 4

By Colleen O’Connor

Earlier episodes of this question, have involved photos of dirty bus stops; piles of flammable palm fronds; and just piles of trash on streets.

The Mayor’s office encourages residents to report things that need fixing to his “Get It Done” App. However, the App is not available to those without internet, cable or other means to convey their complaints online. Furthermore, anyone using the app must include lots of personal information; hence, leaving them open to misuse by data collectors.

Today’s “What’s Up” episode deals with one of the nicest new libraries to grace the City.  That being the new Mission Hills branch; done with taste and in keeping with that area’s craftsman-like architecture.

However, for months, and months, and months, now, there has been a broken window out front that has been boarded up and yet to be replaced.

It is common knowledge that the Mayor wants to reduce the library budgets for the city by $10 million so that it can help fund the cosmic black hole called a convention center expansion.

Surely, there could be a few dollars somewhere in the massive city budget to replace this window at this once fine library.

Keep in mind that graffiti begets more graffiti and that trash begets more trash and “benign neglect” on city properties like the library leads to not just eyesores, but decay.

The trash on the street was corrected in a single day. The filth on the bus stops were cleaned up in a few days as well.  However, the palm fronds alongside Presidio Park (in the impending fires season alongside a drought) have not been touched.

The Mission Hills library may be a bit more lucky.  Rumor has it that a request for the boarded-up window has been approved and may, in fact, be coming soon.

Stay tuned.

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