New Ocean Beach Businesses Ready for the ‘Grand Re-Opening’

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Cruising down Newport Ave, it’s clear that a number of new Ocean Beach businesses are ready for the Grand Reopening – the county’s entry into the red tier allowing many businesses to reopen.  Other newbies on Abbott and Sunset Cliffs will be joining them.

Here then, is a casual pictorial of many of these upstarts, ready to take on the world from their OB sites.

Teitan Tattoo

This new tat parlor offers “Neotradtional” skin engravings. The Las Vegas-transplant tattoo shop artists are also trained in customer service to provide a world-class experience for clients. Patrick DeMarco, founder, and chief artist at Teitan Tattoo, saw his new shop as the best logical step in their expansion, following their widely successful flagship shop in Las Vegas.


La Doña

La Doña has debuted in the space where Nati’s Mexican Restaurant lasted for nearly 60 years – at the corner of Bacon Street and Niagara Avenue in Ocean Beach.  Co-owners Brendan Huffman and Hoffman Leung, part of the Social Syndicate, a San Diego-based restaurant development group founded in 2014, has brought on chef and Tijuana native Gabby Lopez to bring homespun Mexican cuisine to 1852 Bacon St. They’ve also reopening the ol’ patio, one of the main reasons Nati’s was so popular.

Apogee Is Back


Martin Robles and Bruno Elias opened this fried chicken place right where Livingston’s used to be, 5026 Newport. Both used to work at Hodad’s (Elias for 17 years, Robles 10), so they know Newport, OB and restaurants well.


Ocean Beach Meat Company

Bobby and Shannon offer a butcher counter with all of the cuts, and take away meals, sandwiches, and hot food to eat on site.

Nova Easy Kombucha

Tiago Carneiro is on a mission to bring the increasingly popular drink to Ocean Beach, one consumer at a time. To that end, he recently branched out from his Chula Vista base to open a new tap room at 4845 Newport Ave. “What we have there is our brand of alcoholic and non-alcoholic kombucha, as well as 10 beers and three (hard) seltzers,” said Carneiro of Nova Brewing Co. “We’re the first one to bring this to the OB community. This is our flagship location right now. We want to open two more next year.”



Anna Santos Hamilton opened her Filipino eatery two weeks ago, on Sunset Cliffs Blvd., where Pepe’s used to be.

Wild Things Pizzeria

Wild Things has opened on Abbott in the standalone building that long housed Surf Rider Pizza.It’s a family-friendly pizzeria and wine & beer bar inspired by a classic children’s book. Joe Galascione and his cousins Nanette Galascione and Gabriel & Samuel Gonzales is their first restaurant venture. There will be also be coffee drinks by Ryan Bros. Coffee and a menu of beer and wine.

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sealintheSelkirks March 21, 2021 at 1:41 pm

This ‘grand re-opening’ is about as ill-timed as anything I can imagine. This is what the scientists are saying:

From Texas to Mississippi, States Dismantle Covid-19 Safety Protocols at Our Peril
Fauci and Walensky are flashing a yellow light to us. Governors are dangerously close to running a red.

from The Equation Blog / Union of Concerned Scientists



Peter from South O March 22, 2021 at 7:42 am

Don’t waste your breath, Seal. The almighty dollar is now officially worth x number of lives lost. I am constantly reminded of the movie “Groundhog’s Day”. Experience teaches the powers that be NOTHING. We are making the same mistakes over and over.
Dr. Fauci said it best: “we are now in a race with the variants”.
Meanwhile, the Trump cult members are refusing vaccination.
Just like Heaven’s Gate!


sealintheSelkirks March 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Ah well, Peter, I keep trying anyway. Am I playing a Don Quixote part or what?

The strangest part of the Trump cult with this disease is an article from a few months ago with quotes from RNs who had patients absolutely denying that they were dying of Covid AS they were dying, literally their last words, then they were dead. I find that unfathomably bizarre.

I don’t want any of what they’re smoking! I’ll stick to my cannabis garden which has not ever made me crazy or stupid and produces great CBD topical paste from the harvest rubble!

My 75 yr old neighbor, a retired Reikki Master Masseuse whose husband is the retired biologist & teacher I’ve mentioned before, told me recently that she is getting to the point of just not giving a damn about these people…and the best thing for the gene pool would be that they just catch it and expire. In 16 years of being neighbors I’ve never heard her make any comment like that about anybody. Her focus has always been healing. Kind of shocked me. They are waiting for their 2nd shot of Pfizer vaccine.

Historically this is exactly what happened during the 1918 Pandemic, same slogans and flag waving and stupidity in this country. Which is why 20-50 million people died during that one. About 1/10th of the world population! Without our vaunted modern medical technology I’m guessing that the death rate would be quite a bit higher even with the comparably lower death rate percentages since there weren’t ventilators or ICUs to support sick people then. Supposedly 30 million have caught Covid now in the US with 560,000+ dead (not including the hidden death rates being discovered in Republican-run states) so that’s about 2%. Only 300 million left for the variant mutations to infect in this country…

A late night phone call from a former student down in NorCal last night related a story about his mom’s friend who kept saying virus’ are NOT diseases, only bacteria causes disease. Something about Faux News spewing more bile on that but that was enough to get me laughing. His mom mentioned Smallpox and Polio and her friend went into a tizzy.

Big sigh. Can’t fix stupid just hope they don’t reproduce to make more stupids!

I will continue to avoid Covidiots as best I can. You do so, too. Even with the vaccine there ain’t no guarantees!



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