On the Path to Recovery – Part 2

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Sterling Silver Rose

By Judi Curry

During the past month when in the throes of Covid, I have been overwhelmed by the responses I have received from my friends, relatives, neighbors, strangers, etc.

I  received over 100 get well wishes; I even received over 75 “Happy Birthday” wishes.

People that I do not know have sent me cards; a neighbor that I still don’t know sent me a long note telling me that he would be glad to anything for me that needed to be done during this time. (He sent me his address so that when I am finally able to go out I can see where he lives with his family.)

Al Nashashibi from Faurouz left me a huge of amount of his restaurants’ “Lemon Grass” soup by my front door;  Steve Rock, the owner of Fiddler Green, has offered to send a meal to my home to help me feel better. Shauna Aguirre brought me smoothies, home-made granola; Toni and Ron brought me soups; Eddy Ayub made me a carrot cake for my birthday, etc.

My neighbor Mike did a few Costco runs for me, and even my tenant George went shopping for me. And that’s only a few of the many things that have been done for me this month.  I have never had so many flowers in a room just for me.  I have never felt so humble; so grateful to people in my life.

This morning, when I opened my email, there were 3 requests for “updates” from a variety of readers of my articles.  I have a little strength right now so thought I would take this time, not only to thank all of you, but you give you that update.

NEVER have I been so wiped out as I have been during this month of Covid.  Even when I was undergoing radiation for breast cancer and was tired all the time I never felt like this.

I timed myself this morning when I got dressed – something new because until Sunday, the 21st of February – I was still wearing a robe all day – but that was a milestone day – one month since my diagnosis, and also my birthday.  It took me 7 minutes to put on two pieces of underwear; a shirt and sweat pants!  7 minutes!  And then I had to rest for another 10 minutes before I could walk the 2 minutes from my bedroom to the kitchen, stopping only one time on the way. (An improvement since last week – I had to stop at least twice.)

I have been to the ER or Urgent Care 4 times in the month since I was diagnosed with Covid.  I have had fluids twice, but they have never kept me; and when I have asked questions about what can I do to regain strength, I get a different answer from each attending physician. They just don’t know! Covid is so new, and affects different people different ways, there is no set answer.

I am told that I had an easy case. (And yes, I am now “negative” for having an active case.) But it is the residuals that are running my life.

Besides the severe weakness, I now have an itch that seems to bother me more at night than in the morning.  No redness; no rash; just this infernal itch.  My legs; my wrists; my arms.  Nothing I have put on it stops it; and it goes away from one spot in 2-3 minutes only to appear someplace else.  The doctors only say that “some people get a rash from Covid.”

My daughter tells me that I had “brain fog” for several days. She said I would ask her the same question over and over.  She was actually worried that I might have dementia.  I am happy to say that I am out of that phase, but I do remember when I wanted to ask her to bring me a glass of water and I could not remember the word for glass!

Over all, and I know this recovery is because of your thoughts and prayers, I am on the right path to healing.  I now eat at the table, even though I may lie down shortly after I have eaten; I am back at my computer an hour or two a day – I went 7 days without even turning it on! – my children and grandchildren are still making my meals, but I now can clear my own plate; I can feed Shadow; I even did a small load of wash yesterday.

Everything is in baby-steps, but last month at this time I could not even get out of bed without help.  So ….. thank you to each and every one of you.  It took an entire village to sit me up; I honestly don’t think I would have been able to do it without your thoughts and prayers.  And as more and more people are in the recovery phase of this dreadful illness, I will send my positive thoughts to them, as you sent to me.

Be safe out there; wear your masks; get the vaccine – I will as soon as I get the go-ahead to do so – and take care of each other.

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nostalgic February 24, 2021 at 1:06 pm

If you got different answers on how to recover from each physician you saw, can you share what they told you with us? You are the best at providing factual information. Did you get the remdesivir that Donald Trump got?


Judi Curry February 24, 2021 at 7:33 pm

I received nada; nothing; nil to fight this, primarily because I had none of the typical symptoms. No fever; oxygen level high; blood pressure good, etc. most symptoms were extreme weakness- the feeling that my bones were “on fire”; I was told to drink fluids; eat high caloric items like cheese cake! Rest; etc. basically nothing different than the flu symptoms. I was infused twice but sent home afterwards. Now I have this itch all over but particularly hands and feet and severe lack of energy!


george churchill May 29, 2021 at 1:25 am

just read this…research i did a while ago said itching was a sign of healing because the once overloaded producer of bile in your body has just flushed out the infection and its the dead overgrowth of yeast leaving that caused the crazy itching. i had that happen when i rid myself of colitis during a 10 day anti-yeast campaign which included coconut oil, oregeno oil, cabbage, salt, shrimp, grass fed butter..at a time i was super weak as well


Sandi February 24, 2021 at 10:42 pm

I’m so glad you made it through COVID. I was afraid for you. You’re my longest running friendship from San Diego. I want to keep that.

Please take it slow and continue healing. I’ve heard that the itching fades over time.


Judi February 25, 2021 at 1:14 am

Thanks Sandi. Everyday I see some improvement even if I have to seek to find it. This disease has no rules and seems to make them up with each passing hour. In speaking to others recovering from Covid we have many common symptoms but it’s amazing how many different ones there are too. I am still on top of the Covid War. I won’t let it get me!


Betsy Smtih February 25, 2021 at 4:07 pm

Judy Curry, thanks for your update and wonderful testimony to the love of the community! You will survive! Just got back from my 2nd dose of the vaccine – dizzy and took 2 naps, same as the first. Can’t imagine going through your recovery. Praying it will be complete eventually! Blessings to you, your family and all your helpers!


Judi Curry February 27, 2021 at 1:30 pm

Betsy, you are so right about the community. I am overwhelmed at the calls, cards, and help that I have received – from people I know – and don’t know. It’s a great place to live.


sealintheSelkirks February 27, 2021 at 1:17 pm

Yes Judy, this damned disease has serious lingering after-effects. You keep getting better, ya hear? Don’t push it, let the body heal.

I’m hearing many similar stories from people who’ve caught this monster virus. Brand new disease so it’s not surprising that you are hearing different views from different doctors since it depends on what new science studies they’re reading and from what sources.

The after-effects are really variable from what I’m being told and what I’m reading. Some folks just seem to be far more susceptible; a matter of body chemistry perhaps? The virus is showing detrimental affects in the brains of some people, just like the 1918 Pandemic did a hundred years ago with tagged as ‘Encephalitis Lethargy.’

But I have friends that are still dealing with what you are suffering through and they were sick months ago. Some from last April are still commenting on this. One local younger friend (42) said she’s still exhausted all the time, body aches every day, still forgetting stuff (as office manager of a chiro office that’s not good), but I know an 82 year old local guy life-long tobacco smoker who tested positive that was hardly affected at all and now has zero side effects. It wasn’t even like a bad cold for him. Weird. My list is still sitting at 15 dead since I was emailed about another relative in Iowa dying of it a couple weeks ago.

We just don’t know how catching this will affect us. It’s a total crap shoot.

Everybody, wear a mask even AFTER you get the vaccine! Still think before you jump into a crowded area. The science is still out on inoculated people being able to spread this virus afterwards. Not enough data yet. And remember that the vaccines are NOT 100% effective, and the new strains are more infectious and already affecting the potency of the vaccines. There’s talk of a 3rd shot being needed that will be tailored for the new ones. Especially the South African one! We all will be doing this for at least another year. Hope for the best but plan for the worst, folks! Don’t get impatient which I know is hard to not be!!

And due to the variants that are mutating into new forms it may come down to having another type of ‘flu shot’ every year to protect oneself along with the regular Fall one many people already get for constantly mutating strains. This virus could be with us forever like many others. If only we could kill it like science did with Smallpox Virus, eh?

Best to you, Judy. Get healthier.



Judi Curry February 27, 2021 at 1:28 pm

Thank you for the positive attitude. It is an insidious virus. No one knows for sure what follows the next. I have a friend whose daughter is a nurse; she is still suffering the ill effects that you received in March, when the virus was first diagnosed and she was working in the hospital. And there does not seem to be anything you can take that eases the pains.
I really appreciate your comments.


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