Local Democrats Support Monica Montgomery Steppe for City Council President

by on November 18, 2020 · 2 comments

in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Official photo from city website has not been updated since Montgomery Steppe’s marriage.

During Meeting, No One Spoke in Favor of Jen Campbell

The San Diego County Democratic Party leadership met on Tuesday, November 17, and endorsed Councilwoman Monica Montgomery Steppe for San Diego city council president.

At the beginning of the electronically-held meeting of the Central Committee, chair Will Rodriguez-Kennedy asked for public comments and 32 people expressed support for Montgomery Steppe (who was recently married). Three people believed the party should stay neutral on the issue – and importantly for District 2 residents – no one spoke in favor of Councilwoman Jen Campbell – who was a no-show.

The final vote was 42 to 11 in favor of the resolution supporting Montgomery Steppe.

Apparently, at the beginning of the meeting, there was a motion to pull the agenda item for City Council President endorsement consideration, made by Francine Busby, but it failed by 27 to 36.

No-show Campbell did send in a letter to the Central Committee, in which she requested the group stay neutral.

Some of the individuals who expressed support for Montgomery Steppe represented groups:

  • Susan Peinado announced that the San Diego County Democratic Woman’s Club supported Montgomery Steppe;
  • Athena Bazalaki, with Moms for Black Lives San Diego, joined the support;
  • Matthew Vasilakis, with Climate Action Campaign,  supported the endorsement;
  • Temika M. Cook announced that MLK Jr Democratic Club supported the endorsement;
  • Dr. Kyra Greene, Executive Director at Center on Policy Initiatives, joined;
  • Amanda Mascia, Sierra Club San Diego secretary, announced Sierra Club San Diego supported the endorsement;
  • Norma Chavez-Peterson, as a 25-year San Diego activist, supported Montgomery Steppe;
  • Tasha Williamson supported the endorsement.



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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman November 19, 2020 at 5:14 pm

It is a wonderful and refreshing change for the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee
to step up and endorse highly-qualified Monica Montgomety Steppe for President of the City Council. No shenanigans, no last-minute burying the matter as suggested by Francine Busby — just a straightforward stand-up vote in favor of a first-rate candidate who will be responsible for setting the City Council agenda, a crucial task.


Chris Cunningham November 20, 2020 at 1:30 pm

Ok Frances,
All of us are with you as we all go:
to the left,to the left,to the left


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