October 2020 Events From the Ocean Beach Green Center

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From the Ocean Beach Green Center,
4862 Voltaire Street,
Ocean Beach 92107  
619-613 5616

Events – All events are online and free unless stated otherwise.

Every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Climate Mobilization Coalition Zoom Meeting.  October 3rd, 10th,17th  24th and 31st. Keep up-to-date on climate issues and Climate Action events. To register email Jon Findley at  jon@climatemobsd.org.  More info:   https://www.facebook.com/SDClimateMobilization

Mondays 9:30 pm – 12:30 pm Volunteering at Wild Willow Farm is back with covid-19 safety guidelines. Wild Willow Farm & Education Center is a five-acre working farm. It is nestled along the banks of the scenic Tijuana River and borders the river’s beautiful estuary nature preserve. Having opened our fields on the Summer Solstice of 2010 with San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project, Wild Willow Farm has grown into a vibrant working farm.  Rooted in a grassroots movement to educate, cultivate and empower sustainable food communities in San Diego, the farm outgrew its capacity to sustainably serve our community.  In September 2019, Wild Willow Farm became a program of the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County.  Under the RCD, Wild Willow Farm is supported by a team that strengthens our ability to educate the next generation of farmers, consumers and environmental stewards.  More info:  https://www.wildwillowfarm.org/volunteer

October 2nd Friday Seventh Annual International Wrongful Conviction Day. Livestream #WrongfulConvictionDay event. Hear from CIP exonerees Tim Atkins and Guy Miles as they share their wrongful conviction stories and how their experience shaped the perspective they have today on our criminal justice system. View CIP’s segment at 4:30 pm. PST. Register at https://buff.ly/3jeS0c1! #XONR8 More info:  California Innocence Project https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaInnocenceProject/

October 2nd Friday 6 pm – 7:30 pm The People’s Forum: Impact of Zionist Lobby on Community hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace, Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Justice San Diego – CIEJ, Unión del Barrio, Palestinian Youth Movement, and Majdal Center We are a coalition of organizations, activists, and community members who are coming together to host a community discussion on the impact of Zionism on electoral politics.  More info::  https://www.facebook.com/events/378762226483835

October 2nd Friday 7 pm – 8 pm Sierra Talks Online – Amazing World of Bats: Nature’s Tiny Fighter Jets Bats! Those strange, mysterious creatures we only catch glimpses of around twilight.  Bats are fascinating animals with incredible skills of flight and nighttime navigation.  They contribute to our environment in surprising ways including serving as master catchers of insect pests, pollinating wild fruits, and helping reforest disturbed lands.  Poorly understood and frequently feared, they are under threat world-wide due to use of pesticides, loss of habitat, and being killed by humans.  They need our protection as much as we need them in healthy populations.  More info:  https://act.sierraclub.org/events/details? formcampaignid=7013q0000020WDUAA2&mapLinkHref=
Live on Facebook at 7pm https://www.facebook.com/sierraclubsd/

October 2nd. Friday 4 pm – 6 pm First Friday Monthly Meeting Green New Deal at UCSD On Zoom Join the Green New Deal at UCSD movement to discuss ongoing campaigns to push UCSD to address the climate crisis. Our movement calls on the UCSD administration to commit to: 1. teach all students about climate change and climate justice 2. decarbonize by 2025 3. end all financial ties with the fossil fuel industry 4. build a UC-wide Green New Deal. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the Green New Deal has tons of amazing updates from existing campaigns on our progress in getting the UC San Diego leadership to meet our goals. Please join us for a celebration of these accomplishments and to brainstorm for the coming year. More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/709096653272204/

October 3rd Saturday 10 am – 11 am Free Webinar: Build Your Own Backyard Compost Bin Hosted by City of San Diego and Solana Center Join Solana Center for this 1-hour webinar where you will learn how to build a simple, economical, and effective wood backyard compost bin. Our experienced staff will guide you through each step and explain how the right bin can contribute to successful composting at home.We will cover the following topics: Important features of effective compost bins, Materials needed for your backyard composting bin, Steps in the construction process Register: https://www.solanacenter.org/…/info%3Fid%3D1468%26reset..More info: https://www.facebook.com/SolanaCenter

October 3rd to 11th  8:30 am – 1 pm The San Diego Green Building Council is proud to partner with Greenbuild and Olivewood Gardens for this year’s Legacy Project. The Legacy Project Committee is hosting several upcoming working days to help with breaking ground, planting various succulents and blueberry plants, installing rain-water capture systems, shade structures and more. The Legacy Project responds to the need for healthy food education, production, and access. It also speaks to the social equity pillar of sustainability. Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center’s historic 7.85-acre property in National City, California serves as an inclusive and interactive, indoor-outdoor classroom for San Diegans of South Bay. They are driven to build healthy families in their local environment. They do this through science-based nutrition education, hands-on gardening lessons, cooking classes, and leadership development programs for both the youth and adults. Contact legacy@sd-gbc.org to get more details to sign up for a day of volunteering. More info:

October 3rd. Saturday 8 am Run for Breonna and @rideforbreonnal kick off  8th and B St. (in the public plaza next to Achilles Coffee) We ask that everyone wear blue and purple, Breonna’s favorite colors. Breonna loved babies, so we’re collaborating with Miracle Babies and holding a diaper drive. More to come on types of diapers to donate.
More info: https://www.instagram.com/p/ https://linktr.ee/runforbreonna

October 3rd Saturday 10 am – 12 pm PropTalks | Ballot Review Hosted by League of Women Voters of San Diego Ballot measures can sometimes feel like trick questions. We at the League of Women Voters are dedicated to providing non-partisan “prop talks” to help break down each measure. We will present the pros and cons of how these policies will impact your day to day life. We have 12 California state propositions and five San Diego City measures to review so bring a big cup of coffee and get the inside scoop on how to tackle your ballot this election season.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2423727027931311

October 3rd. Saturday 10 am 11 am Save Your Scraps Webinar hosted byI Love A Clean San Diego and the city of Poway  Come hungry to learn about reducing food waste in the kitchen, from smart shopping and proper storage to repurposing food scraps. Hear about new legislation surrounding organics recycling and how it will affect you and your household. Learn why it is so important to keep organic waste from reaching the landfill, and leave with the tools you need to stop wasting food (and money)! Register at https://www.ilacsd.org/event/save-your-scraps-webinar-2/

October 3rd. Saturday Courageous Conversations Kickoff hosted by Showing Up for Racial Justice – SURJ San Diego  As part of our ongoing Saturday Dialogue series, we invite you to join us for our very first Courageous Conversations event where we will: (1) talk about the use of compassionate communication and different strategies to reach people who we disagree with, name the feelings that come up when we think about having conversations with other White people about race (2) watch a practice dialogue practice dialogue ourselves in small breakout groups! More info:

October 4th Sunday 2 pm – 4 pm Caravan Protest – Lakeside hosted by Caravan for Justice This is a vehicle-only mobile protest. We will meet at the south end of the Albertson’s Parking lot located at 9530 Winter Gardens Blvd, Lakeside, CA (look for balloons). We will decorate cars and get set up until 3:00, at which time we will caravan into Lakeside to show our support for #BlackLivesMatter! Please use your hazard lights and fill up your gas tank. Honk your horn and make some noise!! More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2694303320888544

October 4th Sunday Rot On Sundays! Hosted by Food2Soil Composting Collective Free foodscrap dropoff every Sunday at San Carlos Community Garden Project from 9:30-10:30am. Open to all San Diegans!    Food2Soil also has other areas for dropoff for a fee.  More info:   https://www.facebook.com/events/655747638497169/

October 6th Tuesday 6 pm – 7 pm Youth pre-registration & registration party: Empowering youth to use their power hosted by San Diego350 Join the Youth v. Oil campaign for a youth pre-registration/registration party. This event will help youth understand the importance of registering/voting and how to raise their voices if they are unable to vote for this upcoming election. More info: https://sandiego350.org/events/

October 6th  Tuesday  6 pm – 7pm Project Community Care  Hosted by Sunrise Movement San Diego  The radical organizations we look up to all had deep roots in caring for their communities. From mutual aid to providing services to voter registration, we need to be doing the work to help our people on the day to day, not just years into the future. If you’re interested in connecting with local Black, Indigenous, People of Color leaders like We All We Got and Casa Arcoiris to help strengthen the network of care in San Diego, come through and let’s spread the love. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/SunriseMovementSanDiego/events/?ref=page_internal

October 6th Tuesday 7 pm – 9 pm  SD Veterans For Peace General Monthly Meeting via ZOOM Hosted by San Diego Veterans For Peace The sign in link is posted 24 hours prior to the meeting. We will open access to the meeting at 6:50 PM and would like to begin promptly at 7:00 PM. Please be respectful of others and wait until you are recognized to speak. If you have technical difficulties or any questions, please contact our Treasurer, Vic White at 858-349-2326. All are Welcome – You do not need to be a Veteran
More info: www.sdvfp.org    https://www.facebook.com/events/456866674945246/

October 7th Wednesday Transforming Suburbia and Oct 8th Thursday One Earth Living hosted by San Diego Permaculture Please join us for these presentations about creating green and resilient homes, neighborhoods, lifestyle, economy and culture.  The Transforming Suburbia is hosted by Simply Living in Columbus, Ohio.  The focus will be creating a more green and resilient home and neighborhood – transforming a suburban property, repurposing the suburban built environment and the role neighborhood associations can play.  Zoom is full but you can watch the live stream on face book and you tube. https://www.facebook.com/SimplyLivingohio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyn3I_BncZBjsvDT3o1caRA
See link for other presentation and past ones:  https://www.meetup.com/SanDiegoPermaculture/events/kgzjxrybcnblb/

October 8th Thursday 5 pm “Pain to Action” Hosted by North County Climate Change Alliance The North County Climate Change Alliance invites you to join us for “Pain to Action” with our special guest, “Climate Psychologist” and Founder of “The Climate Mobilization” Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD. This unique event format will be led by Dr. Salamon to provide a supportive environment for people to share their difficult emotions about the climate emergency, as well as actions they will take in response. There is no charge for this online event but you will need to register in advance. Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZIvd…More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/760805534490026

October 10th Saturday 6 pm – 8 pm UnRepresented Film Screening & Panel Discussion Hosted by Independent Voter and Represent San Diego UnRepresented is a documentary that reveals the driving forces behind political corruption and the unprecedented reforms to restore a government that better serves the people.
More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/936753436808664/

October 10th Saturday 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm From Our Voices: Testimonies of Forced Displacement  Hosted by Detention Resistance Centro Cultural de la Raza 2004 Park Blvd, San Diego 92101This event focuses on deepening the conversation on why there are forced displacements. Recent asylum winners will be sharing their testimonies and understanding on why many choose to leave their homeland and migrate north. Alicia Siu (Artist) and Roberto Hernandez (Collective Member of Detention Resistance & SDSU Border Studies Professor) will be sharing historical and cultural perspectives. Spanish to English translation available. For updates Check Instagram: @DetentionResistance and Facebook
More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2720340428221297/

October 10th Saturday 1 pm – October 11th Sunday 1 pm 24 hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future  hosted by Climate Reality Project  As the world grapples with the covid-19 pandemic, racial injustice, and climate change, the Climate Reality Project is partnering with Ted Countdown for 24 hours of presentations and conversations on the moment we’re living in and the future we want.   It kicks off with  a five-hour program of livestreamed TED talks and discussions with world-changing innovators and thought leaders confronting the climate crisis head-on and showing the way to a just, zero-carbon future. Then it continues the conversation with 24 full hours of digital presentations and discussions of how the climate crisis, COVID-19, and racial injustice shape our planet and this incredible moment. All led by former Vice President Al Gore and Climate Reality Leaders and happening all around the world. Anyone can request a free presentation  for their school, office, place of worship, or community. Plus, many presentations will be open to the public, allowing audiences anywhere to log in and join the conversation. For everyone who attends and confirms their participation, Climate Reality and One Tree Planted will plant a tree to help reduce greenhouse gases and fight rising temperatures. More info:  https://www.climaterealityproject.org/  Local presentation with questions 2 pm (40 minutes duration)  Contact Scott Murray at climateguy@icloud.com for zoom link.

October 11th Sunday 10 am – 11:30 am Red Line, Green Line: Resisting Colonial & Racist Land Policies in Jerusalem and San Diego Hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace San Diego Join panelists Fayrouz Sharqawi & Monique G. López for a conversation on the hyper-local similarities between the laws displacing our communities, in both Jerusalem and San Diego, and situating the historical legacies of the colonial “Green Line” in Palestine and racist redlining practices in San Diego. Learn how to purchase Grassroots Jerusalem’s new book Wujood: The Grassroots Guide to Jerusalem.  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/3385159914864488/

October 11th Sunday 5 pm – 8 pm Original Peoples Unity Gathering hosted by Peace & Dignity Project Chicano Park 528 years since the fateful arrival of the first European colonists to this hemisphere. What followed is a devastating, systematic genocidal treatment of the Original Peoples of not only the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Abya Yala, but Africa, the Pacific Islands, Asia and Oceania. Today the need for unity to confront the repercussions of European Settler Colonialism and their subsequent nation states. Original Peoples are faced with poverty, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, employment opportunities and many other conditions. Our youth, the future, decry this global environmental crisis, climate change, water theft and contamination, We will stand together to confront our conditions under settler colonialism. Please come and stand with us, together, unified in struggle. Bring chairs and water to share. Please respect the Covid-19 protocols for your protection and that of others. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing. More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2774708589521335

October 12th Monday 6:30 – 8:30 Best Utility Franchise 4 San Diego  hosted by Racial Justice Coalition Topic: San Diego’s clean energy future and the energy franchise agreement .  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/RacialJusticeCoalitionofSanDiego.org/photos/a.588076761746950/642780049609954/

October 13th Tuesday 7 pm – 8:30 pm Make Your Vote a Climate Vote hosted by San Diego350 We’re excited to provide an in-depth overview of state and local ballot measures. Prepare to vote on ballot measures that will directly impact you and help get the word out. Every election is important! Invite your friends and family to join the SanDiego350 community as we collectively get ready to make our votes climate action votes in the upcoming election! Attendees will have an opportunity to ask the facilitators questions. More info:  https://sandiego350.org/events/

October 15th Thursday  5:30 pm – 8 pm 2020 NightCAP Awards Hosted by Climate Action Campaign  Join us as we highlight the organizations and individuals fighting for a safe, livable, and equitable future for our region and beyond.The Climate Justice Award is given to an individual or group who has done extraordinary work leading the fight to ensure those most impacted by the climate crisis are the first to receive the benefits from climate solutions.This year, Climate Action Campaign is pleased to present this award to Bishop George McKinney.  Bishop McKinney is a civil rights legend, leading the community in the fight to achieve racial and social justice. Fee $100  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/55569640169143

October 17th Saturday 2 pm EDT October 17th Nationwide March hosted by Women’s March  We will march in force to send a clear message that we will not allow Trump and the GOP to endanger our lives any longer. This is what we’ve been preparing for, this is why millions of feminists marched on January 21, 2017. On October 17th, we’re holding a socially distant march in Washington D.C. to send an unmistakable message about the fierce opposition to Trump and his agenda, including his attempt to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat. Pledge to join us here: https://act.womensmarch.com/signup/march-october/… If you’re unable to join us in D.C., find an event near you here: https://map.womensmarch.com/  More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1269553490071466

October 20th Tuesday 9 am – 9:30 am HOLISTIC DESIGN: HERE & NOW webinar hosted by San Diego Green Building Council Join Steffi as she leads us through what Holistic Design means to San Diego in light of recent events. She will share the duality of holistic architecture in terms of sustainability and wellness. Then explore how they come together to support life itself and how they support you. As a Member of the Academy for Neuroscience Architecture (ANFA), Steffi will also share her biggest takeaways from the ANFA 2020 Conference. We hope you’ll join us to take a closer look at this exciting piece of the ever-growing green building world!  fee $0 -$5 More info: https://www.sd-gbc.org/coffee_content_10_2020

October 24th Saturday 10 am VOTE! Human Banner 2020 Dog Beach Ocean Beach Hosted by Human Banner Central Come be part of a 60 foot Human Banner with the most important statement in our lifetime, VOTE! Event will be contingent on COVID-19 guidelines for social gatherings at the time of the event.More information to follow. https://www.facebook.com/events/663615391038752

October 28th Wednesday 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. USD Just Read! Youth, Homelessness, and Health This event is  aligned with Homelessness and Food Insecurity Action Week 2020, which is hosted by the Urgent Challenges Collective and a number of partners on and off campus. More than 1,500 teens and young adults in San Diego are homeless. What is it like to be young and homeless or housing insecure? What is the impact on health? What is available to help these youth? Join us for a conversation with three panelists about homelessness of teens and young adults and the health consequences.  More info: https://www.sandiego.edu/events/peace/detail.php?_focus=77467

Online events not local but recommended by local groups

October 2nd Friday 11 am  October Virtual Rally The Power of Voting hosted by Fire Drill Fridays, Greenpeace USA and Jane Fonda Join Jane Fonda, Desmond Meade, Eric Liu, and Nikki Fortunato Bas (plus a special musical performance by The Chicks) for our final Fire Drill virtual rally before the election.More info:  https://firedrillfridays.com/   and https://www.facebook.com/events/2779996715654643

Message from the Folks at the OB Green Center

Issues and Events are changing daily so we suggest you check groups and issues you are interested in for any up-dates. Many organizations are now doing zoom meetings, online events, protest caravans, letter writing and petition campaigns for people to participate in. Some may have in person events with covid-19 guidelines.

Also, some environmental groups may start to do their habitat restorations, beach clean-ups, field trips, walks etc.. Check with them and county guidelines.
See our Get involved page on our website for a list of groups at oceanbeachgreencenter.org

Check our website Events page for additions made after October 1st. Also, an excellent source for events and credible information from local and national sources is from Peace San Diego https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeaceSanDiego

For Black Lives Matter and other communities of concern connections check out our list of social justice groups. Also many environmental groups are now embracing communities of concern, especially Climate groups that work on climate justice.  Also check out:    SD PEACEFUL PROTEST #BlackLivesMatter @SdProtest https://twitter.com/sdprotest?lang=en   https://www.instagram.com/sdprotest/ Providing locations and times of PEACEFUL protests in San Diego County on Instagram & Twitter only!

If you live in Ocean Beach or hang out here please support our local, small merchants who have so generously donated in the past to our fundraising events. They all need our support (check our website for a list of donors)

While our regular film nights are on hold, check out the great films we have shown in the past (listed on our Activity page on our Website). Some are available for checkout in our library.  Call for an appointment to pick up.

All these groups have something in common.  They are trying to make this a better world by advocating for all the vulnerable people in the world, for the planet, and ultimately all of us.  Check out their web sites and see all the great work they are doing and participate if you can.  If you are able to donate, that would be appreciated, as they are all suffering from not being able to have events or fundraisers.

And most importantly Vote November 3rd!  Many groups have opportunities to help with getting out the vote.  This is the most important election of our lifetime!

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