A Riff on Donald Trump: He Drained the Swamp and Turned It into a Canal

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By John M. Williams

If you love hypocrisy, deception, lying like breathing, crassness, bellowing fascists with heartless underlings, then you should love Donald Trump, unbelievably, President of the United States of America, a country which used to have a pretty good name, though that too is discussable.

Many bad ideas have become laws here. Corruption, avarice, malfeasance, theft, fraud, stupidity and ignorance have always had a presence in the body politic; these things are part of the USA now as they are everywhere.

But, if you said, ‘Yes! I love the President! MAGA! 4 MORE!’ or anything similar, then, I’m happy to know that because I can stop listening now and put you on my invisible list. I do this because it is my opinion that your opinion has already been heard and rejected; it’s just efficient: you won’t bother me again.

Closed minded? Me or you? Both?

You are convinced DJT is a savior. I am not. Then again, I do admit that the prospect of this charlatan dominating all news for four more years makes the pandemic seem preferable in comparison. Still, whether Trump wins a vote again is, I think, very much in doubt because, while President, he has successfully, I can only guess, served his base – but not grown it – while also successfully giving lots of people reasons not to want him back, but rather who will be happy to see his back. Please vote.

A highly placed senior Republican politician has been quoted as saying, ‘worst President ever.’ Not the words one would want to hear were one hoping to gain votes.

DJT instigates unrest. I have no doubt that he wants to foment as much discord and violence and as many fires and shootings as he can get going because he will use these criminal acts, in which I just said I think him complicit, to send forces all over the country to ‘save’ it from revolt.

Unthinkable? If the Republican quoted above is correct, then number two on the list of Worst Republican Presidents, Nixon, I presume, has already raised the bar past simple non-violent crimes like burglary and conspiracy. Oh, and don’t forget Spiro T. ‘nolo contendere’ Agnew. I would guess the next step would be easy for him.

The Persistence of Bullshit: The Boat Parade is coming back, bigger and better than last time. Now they’re saying ‘thousands of boats.’ I might again watch this event, but this time only to see how crowded the bay can get. Has Don told the Navy to take a break so the bay will be clear? Tune in to KUSI, the apparent voice of inaccuracy, for wildly inflated, but well parroted (verbatim), information on the event. Don’t worry if you never watch KUSI; it’s likely you will be able to find the propaganda on every television station, and, probably, in the few things still printed for public reading, though that may not be a Republican demographic.

Have a great day anyway! Dammit! Really, enjoy something.

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