Measure to Destroy 30-Foot Height Limit in the Midway Highly Likely to Be on November Ballot

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in Ocean Beach, San Diego

It now appears that the measure to destroy the 30-foot height limit in the Midway District will appear on the November general election ballot.

Yesterday, June 10, the San Diego City Council’s Rules Committee voted 3 to 2 to endorse a measure that would lift the city’s nearly 50-year old height limit for a 850 acres of the Midway area, land between Interstate 5, Point Loma, Mission Bay Park and San Diego International Airport.

The measure the Committee voted on had been sponsored by Councilmembers Dr. Jennifer Campbell – who, of course, represents the Midway area, OB, Point Loma and the rest of District 2 –  and Chris Cate. Those of the Committee who voted for the measure include Councilman Chris Ward, Councilman Mark Kersey and Councilwoman Monica Montgomery.

Opposing the measure were Councilwomen Georgette Gómez and Barbara Bry.

So, with the support of the 3 Rules Committee members who voted for it and with the two Council members who sponsored it, the measure likely will be adopted by the full Council, which must vote to place it on the November ballot by August 7. A simple majority of voters can pass the measure.

Gómez, who is running for Congress, voted no at Committee but has publicly stated she expects to support the measure when it appears before the full Council after  city staff clear up some confusion about whether developers can now submit proposals to redevelop the sports arena site that are higher than 30 feet.

Bry, who is running for mayor, voted no because she wants to see the Midway area developed with more collaboration with the federal government, which controls another 388 acre site at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot and the 80-acres at the NAVWAR site. Combined, the lifting of the 30-foot height limit would affect a total of roughly 1,324 acres. Yet development of those two sites is controlled by the feds and not the city.

A massive redevelopment of the area was already on deck. The City Council approved a new community plan for the Midway area back in 2018 which would allow housing units to increase from 2,000 to 11,000 with a parallel increase in the population from 4,500 to 27,000. There are no set guarantees for affordable housing to be built in all the redevelopment coming to the area.

See San Diego Union-Tribune’s version of this news; clearly the paper is on the side of the redevelopment of the Midway and the lifting of the height limit.

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Geoff Page June 11, 2020 at 12:27 pm

One thing to keep an eye on. When Midway did its community plan, the Planning Department redrew its boundary to include the whole Marine Corps base; the NAVWAR site was already in their boundary. I was there when the Planning Department rep showed this to the Midway Group and they were surprised. Imagine if the 30-foot limit is lifted there and the military gives up the base one day. There could be a massive development of big buildings there. If the ballot measure includes this area. it must be defeated.


Deborah szekely June 12, 2020 at 10:11 pm

I Have my fingures crossed, Doubt whether that will do the trick. Sounds sort of done deal. However will be happy to help when you have figured out a strategy. Best of luck. Deborah


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