What’s New from District 2 Council Office – by Councilwoman Jen Campbell

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By Dr. Jen Campbell

Hello neighbors!

Though it may feel like summer, fall is here. We’ve done a lot of great work for San Diego in my 10+ months on the job, but perhaps the most important issue facing San Diego was the focus of a City Council meeting a few weeks ago. That’s when we got our first look at the new strategic plan to address homelessness.

Fixing our unsheltered crisis has long been a top priority for my office. As a physician, I deeply understand the health risks of homelessness. From veterans living in their cars, young families sleeping on the street to more and more seniors ending up without a roof over their heads. The health ramifications for our unsheltered population are horrifying.

The new city plan focuses on housing and health. That includes increasing outreach efforts, dedicating more wrap around services, providing facilities and buildings for use, and improving the way we monitor the progress of these programs.

Additionally, the plan calls for five main areas of focus:

1. Implement a systems-level approach to homeless planning.

2. Create a client-centered homeless assistance system.

3. Decrease inflow into homelessness by increasing prevention and diversion.

4. Improve the performance of the existing system.

5. Increase the production & access to permanent solutions.

The short and long-term goals based on the above areas of focus are ambitious and achievable. I hope the recommended leadership structure empowers our City & County to achieve these objectives, which include:

  • 5,400 (total) units of housing and diversion resources.
  • 350-500 new crisis response options
  • Significant investment in housing creation

We need a more unified and harmonized system to coordinate all city, county, state, and federal efforts. I am particularly glad the plan emphasizes the importance of unifying with our County partners, especially in deploying the needed medical support along with our City efforts.

My office is in the process of planning a community workshop to garner feedback on immediate and long-term needs, promote existing resources, and present the city’s plan for the future.  These conversations are incredibly important and I look forward to them.

This crisis was not created overnight, nor will it be fixed overnight. However, this plan – which was accepted unanimously by City Council – creates a real roadmap to success. I cannot wait for our region to implement this plan and start making a real difference in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.

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Deb Porter October 25, 2019 at 4:12 pm

Dr Jen. I think the changes that Faulconer and the governor want to make to our neighborhoods, in the name of the homeless problem, are I’ll advised and will wreck the nicer neighborhoods that we have. I hope you realize that this is yet another grab for the developers and real estate professionals using the excuse it’s for the homeless. Reducing parking spots and increasing height levels are not going to put any homeless in homes.
If you/they want to help rebuild the SROs that the city allowed to be destroyed so million dollar condos could take their place. Deb Porter district 2.


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