Cleaning Up ACE’s Surf ‘Shack’

by on August 12, 2019 · 1 comment

in Ocean Beach

Neighbors and friends came on Saturday, August 10, to help friends and neighbors. A lot of people showed up to help Albert and Mindy Elliott with the remains of the fire that demolished their garage and Albert’s surf “shack”.

It reminded one of how great people are and how great OB makes people.

The damage. All photos by Frank Gormlie unless otherwise noted.

The line-up to throw stuff into the one of the trucks. The “Jetty Crew” donated money for the dump.

ACE took this.

Albert C Elliott – ‘We’ve got this!’

Photo by ACE

The boards that were “saved”. Photo by ACE

ACE took this.

ACE wrote: “These girls brought the proceeds from their lemonade stand to help pay for our fire damage. Had a hard time holding it together. Best lemonade I ever had. ” Photo by ACE .

Photo by Isaac Darby

The aftermath: Albert and Mindy and friend ponder what’s next. Photo by Isaac Darby.

The end. Photo by Isaac Darby

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Doug Blackwood August 12, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Talking to Albert he stated, “Yeah Doug, I got a bunch of people coming over on Saturday to clean up: we’re too old for that!” The cleanup looks awesome. Its so cool to see OB in action: great pic’s! It may be time for a t-shirt: “ACE; UP FROM THE ASHES!


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