What Public Improvement Projects Does Ocean Beach Need?

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It’s that time again in the large public project process when communities give feedback to city government about what they’d like to see in their neighborhoods.

These are Capital Improvement Projects – CIPs – and are usually projects that cost $100,000 or more.

CIPs were the topic at the most recent OB Planning Board meeting in early May when Chair Andrea Schlageter offered ideas to the board. According to City Council Policy 600-24,

Community planning groups may be called upon to advise on, or participate in, additional efforts such as CIP infrastructure needs identification discussed in Council Policy 000-32.

Here’s most of our report from the OBPB meeting May 1:

Capital Improvement Projects

Every 2 years, the city has the various community planning committees come up with a list of prioritized improvement projects which the groups would like to see built in their communities. These capital improvement projects – usually the top six – are supposed to cost at least $100,000 each and are recognized – usually – as those communities’ main priorities by city government, the councilperson, the mayor, etc.

… Before the Board Wednesday night was a decision to either confirm the previous year’s list or come up with a whole new one. The decision is due July 1st. Last time, the Board made this list of CIPs:

    1. New lifeguard station
    2. OB Library expansion
    3. Salt water pool and stairs
    4. Recreation Center upgrade
    5. Saratoga Park
    6. OB Pier and parking lot improvements and OB Pier retrofit.

… Once the city decides to “fund” a project, the funds are committed for at least 5 years. It may take even longer for a project to get on a CIP list, go through the “feasibility study” stage and then get built.

The lifeguard station is funded – which means it’s in the “feasibility study” stage – still. … The library expansion is funded – there’s $8 Million – and it too is in the feasibility study time.

Schlageter tabled the decision until the Board’s June meeting and asked members to come up with their ideas.

So, now is the time for OBceans to give their Planning Board representatives ideas. (Here is their contact page from the OBPB website. – Figure out who your Rep is so you can address them specifically.)

Here Are Some Ideas:

Coastal Stairs

Kevin Hastings, vice-chair of the planning board, did an assessment of OB’s coastal access earlier this year and gave the community a “failing grade” due to all the closures. Here’s a sampling of his blistering report:

  • OB Pier closed – due to open Memorial Day weekend;
  • South boardwalk stairs – closed;
  • Salt Pool – closed;
  • Narragansett Stairs – CLOSED;
  • Santa Cruz Stairs – DAMAGED, at risk of collapse;
  • Orchard Stairs – CLOSED;
  • Orchard “Boat Ramp” – OPEN;
  • Pescadero Stairs – CLOSED, technically;
  • Bermuda Stairs – CLOSED;
  • Point Loma Ave Stairs – CLOSED;
  • Ladera Stairs – OPEN, recently repaired.

OB Recreation Center

Built at the end of World War II, the City’s website states:

With dedication and grand opening 1946, the center is one of the oldest in the City.

At the Planning Board meeting, Schlageter pointed out the rec center does need many improvements, like air conditioning, a new projector, the meeting room in which we meet, a need for a bench outside the front door., plus other improvement. Someone suggested asking the staff what they felt was needed.

Yet, being as old as it is – 73 years – the whole building needs an overhaul. It certainly gets a lot of use – all hours while it is open.

New Pipeline

A few years ago, a former OB Town Council president was lobbying for a major overhaul of OB’s sewer and water lines – the reason OB floods during heavy rains; our pipes are too old and too small to handy all that water.

What’s Your Ideas?

District 2 and Mayor’s Contact Info

Besides contacting your OB Planning Board reps, also contact District 2 Jen Campbell’s office (619) 236-6622, jennifercampbell@sandiego.gov or her OB Rep Seamus Kennedy SKennedy@sandiego.gov .

Contact Mayor Faulconer’s office: (619) 236-6330 – kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov and community rep, Anthony George georgea@sandiego.gov

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Avatar thequeenisalizard May 10, 2019 at 9:58 am

FIX the fuckin’ sidewalks!


Avatar ZZ May 10, 2019 at 12:13 pm

The library expansion I think is a big waste of money. Buying land that costs millions, evicting the business tenants and losing local jobs people can walk to, then millions more to actually build it. $8 million total! That’s about $250 for every resident, yet the library doesn’t seem to be very busy other than people using the computers.

Regarding a flooding pipeline, that seems to be something the people who own the $2 million dollar properties half a block to the beach should deal with. Part of the reason there is flooding is so much of those lots are paved with nowhere for the water to run.

Repair of the stairs, repair of sidewalks, and keeping the public bathroom from being disgusting all the time should be higher priorities and will improve quality of life more.


Avatar Judy Collier May 11, 2019 at 11:47 am

Hi ZZ—I’m sorry that you don’t enjoy our little gem of a library. Next Saturday, May 18, there will be a How-to-Festival there: How-t0 11:00-Meditate; 12:00-DIY Home Facial; 1:00 Read Music (by me!); 2:00-Use a Loom; 3:00-Establish a Garden. There are many educational and musical events at this tiny library, plus special programs for babies and children. This small library is a hub, connecting us with the larger library system. I frequently order books from the larger library system and pick them up within walking distance of my home at the OB Library. Oh, and they have kick-ass books and knowledgeable librarians there too. OB needs a large community meeting space, and the expanded OB Library would be ideal—the Heart of OB.


Avatar ZZ May 13, 2019 at 1:24 pm

Judy, I’m glad people find the library useful. I do not see the need to spend $8 million dollars to renovate it, nor displacing local businesses and jobs at the now-vacant building next door.


Avatar Doug Blackwood May 11, 2019 at 3:52 pm

Ok then: what do we need?

#1. Library: I am there 3 to 5 times a week: & Matt has done a lot to improve our library! All the librarians assist as needed.

#2. Pier: visited daily by locals & tourists!
The parking lot is fine.

Local business’s had the chance to use the structure that was torn down ( Santa Monica & Cable) : to add bar/restaurants that we don’t need!

OB Local.


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