How Dave Rice Came to Write for the Reader

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in Ocean Beach

How Rice came to work at the Reader:

From SD Reader / March 3, 2019

Growing up around San Diego I’d always been aware of the Reader, and picked up copies semi-regularly beginning in high school in the mid-nineties, delighting in features like Jay Allen Sanford’s “Famous Former Neighbors” cartoon. By the late 2000s I was contributing to a local news blog called the OB Rag when my editor Frank Gormlie called me up, saying there was some guy that had questions about a piece I’d recently written about city plans to install surveillance cameras on the pier in Ocean Beach.

Dave Rice – in a rare photo from 22011.

That guy turned out to be Reader editor Ernie Grimm and rather than asking questions, he told me he’d have paid $500 for my story if it had ran in the magazine. I’ve been writing features sporadically ever since, spent several years as a reporter when the Reader website’s news blogs first launched where my bylines appeared next to truly legendary journalists like Don Bauder, and since 2013 I’ve penned a bi-weekly column on San Diego’s priciest and most unique real estate.

Some of Rice’s favorite stories he wrote for the Reader::

Everything old is renewed again

Down the coast in San Diego, the Cristiano fault passes within half a mile of San Onofre. The fault is considered inactive, however, as it “is overlain by undisturbed marine deposits that have been dated as 125,000 years old,” says the consultant report. Several active faults run near San Onofre: the Whittier-Elsinore, 23 miles to the east; the San Jacinto, 43 miles northeast; and the southern San Andreas, 57 miles to the northeast. But these are not the most worrisome…. (Aug. 18, 2010)

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