Target Angers Another Community – This Time North Park – By Painting Over Beloved Mural

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in Ocean Beach

From NBC7 – Image from NBC7

Target – even a so-called “mini-Target” – moving into Ocean Beach has angered many residents and a few businessowners. But OB isn’t the only neighborhood pissed off by the retail giant. Now, they’ve done it to somebody else.

This time the corporate behemoth Target has angered another community – North Park.

Despite community protests, petitions and outcry, Target had a famous dinosaur mural on the corner of University Avenue and Ray Street painted over.

Crews hired by Target were seen on Monday, Dec. 17, spraying over the “Weenasaurus Rex” mural painted on an exterior wall.

Thousands of petition signatures had been organized from an online petition, that stated:

“This mural is a landmark. It delights people of all ages and Is better served proudly displayed as it always has been.”

7SanDiego reported:

The artist behind the mural, who goes by Madsteez, posted Monday on social media a photo of his mural being covered up with the caption, “Goodbye old friend ??….looks like @target won.” …

As the mural was being painted over, Daniel Hutson, who works at nearby City Tacos, stopped to take a look and express his sadness over the removal of what was once a community staple. “Talk about gentrification, man,” Hutson said. “You’re taking something that was like, wholesome and organic and turning it into cookie-cutter corporation stuff.” …

The store was set to debut in November but Target’s website now lists the North Park location on their list of store openings slated for 2019.

The building began as a JCPenney department store in 1942 that operated for three decades. The building went on to house other retail stores but, eventually, sat vacant from 2008 until Wang’s North Park, an Asian-fusion restaurant that shuttered in late May 2015 after a few years in business.

There has been some concern in OB about what the new mini-Target will do with the mural hanging on its exterior wall off the alley. Will it meet the same fate as its North Park cousin?

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ZZ December 18, 2018 at 6:43 pm


Poor management by Target.

Other big companies like Coke and Nike pay Madsteez $100,000 to do a mural. He does them all over the world. Target got one free with its building and defaced it.

This one is actually one of his cuter and simpler ones, I like it better than his busier ones.

CVS kept the old AppleTree mural in OB and a few elements of the building design. But I guess Target can’t even be as cool as CVS.


thoughtfulbear December 18, 2018 at 11:17 pm

Visual blight, and an utterly thoughtless action. A genuine destination, reduced to an ugly eyesore…


retired botanist December 19, 2018 at 11:09 am

Wow, super dumb and clueless, Target! They obviously don’t realize that people trek all over the world to see the work of mural artists! Ok, Madsteez may not have the fame and collectibility of Banksy (yet), but street art is a genuine medium. Not only is Target dumb, but insensitive and short-sighted!


Dave December 19, 2018 at 2:16 pm

Maybe the artist should seek legal action:


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