It’s ‘Official’ – Target Says It Will Open Store in Ocean Beach on Newport Avenue

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in Ocean Beach

August 2, 2017 at OB Planning Board meeting on Target. People in photograph standing and applauding opposed Target moving in. Photo by Corey Bruins.

It’s now “official” – Target has confirmed it is opening up a store in Ocean Beach, right there on Newport Avenue – where we all knew it was coming in.

But according to 7SanDiego the giant retailer has announced it is moving from merely “pursuing a site on Newport Avenue” to actually moving in. The exact date of its opening has not been made known publicly – other than sometime next year.

Jacqueline DeBuse, a PR agent with Target, told NBC 7:

“Target has long been pursuing a site on Newport Avenue to serve the surrounding community.”

The store is now preparing to “bring an easy, convenient and affordable retail option” to OB. (The TV station says OB is that “quirky beachside community that’s currently home to much smaller businesses.”) DeBuse continued with its PR and stated something we’ve been hearing for the last year and half – the store plans to hire about 50 people.

The station reported:

The store is part of Target’s master plan to open what it calls “small-format stores” in urban areas and in dense suburban neighborhoods – namely places where a full-size Target store may not fit. These smaller stores aim to offer an assortment of products that cater specifically to the community in which the store stands.

The TV news report did acknowledge the opposition to Target shown in OB and it referred to one OB Planning Board meeting in August 2017, “when tempers flared” and “where some residents expressed concern.” Here’s more of their report:

At that meeting, some locals held signs protesting the possibility of adding the big box retailer to the neighborhood. Some locals worried that OB’s free-spirited, unique character would disappear in the shadow of a chain store.

Other opponents were concerned that a Target store would bring too much competition for surrounding businesses, possibly causing some of the smaller mom-and-pop stores in the area to shutter. However, other locals supported the idea of a Target in the community, saying they would love to be able to shop for household necessities without having to leave the comfort of Ocean Beach.

We seem to recall signs of opposition a little differently. And there was more than one mass meeting where wide-spread opposition was clearly demonstrated.

There was an August 2, 2017 meeting of the OB Planning Board held at the Masonic Center. And it was packed – with nearly 200 people in attendance – including about 30 Target employees – and as we reported then most in the audience opposed Target opening on Newport.

Another mass community meeting was also held on August 24 – this time hosted by the OB Town Council – and again at the Masonic Center. Here’s what we reported:

Once again, Target representatives were greeted with another full house of OBceans in opposition to their potential move onto Newport Avenue at Wednesday’s, Aug. 23rd, OB Town Council meeting. They faced the same wall of “no’s” at the August 2nd OB Planning Board meeting.


Opposition march down Newport, Aug. 30, 2017. Photo by Frank Gormlie

A week later, on August 30, a large crowd held a demonstration against Target at the foot of Newport – and marched down the main commercial street and held another rally outside the former antique center.

A year later, the anti-Target protests and campaign seem to have immensely simmered down. Maybe because it wasn’t “official” yet, maybe because Target covered up the huge windows at the site so no one could see inside and be reminded of what’s going on.

There were some other controversies involving Target. Parking limitations; alcohol sales. Perhaps they’ve all been resolved. Will Target be limited in its hours and forced by the city to close by 5pm, as they pledged back in April of this year?

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Frank Gormlie November 1, 2018 at 12:29 pm

One of the historical ironies of this moment is – during many of these meetings, people would cite OB Hardware as a prime example of a local mom and pop store that could be harmed by Target moving in. I guess Target doesn’t have that to worry about anymore.


Mark-Elliott Lugo November 2, 2018 at 10:28 pm

As a lifelong resident of OB and customer of OB Hardware, I will certainly miss the store and its dedicated and knowledgeable employees. However, the reasons OB Hardware is permanently closing are not what you imply or state, at least according to its owner, Carl Weidetz. In a comprehensive and touching piece that aired a few days ago on CBS News 8 television about the closing, Weidetz made it a point to say (and this is a direct quote), “No, Target is not pushing me out; no, my landlord is not pushing me out. It’s just fifty years. It’s time.” All we can hope is that the business (or businesses) that replace it will be a positive addition to the business district and the community!


Peter from South O November 1, 2018 at 1:08 pm

I asked some time ago if the parking kerfuffle had been resolved. Shouldn’t there be some public documents about that?


triggerfinger November 1, 2018 at 4:52 pm

Per shared parking agreement form:

“This Agreement shall be kept on file in the Development Services Department of the City of San Diego in Project Tracking System (PTS) Project Number: __________ and shall be recorded on the titles of those properties referenced in paragraph 1 of this document.”

I found nothing filed to this effect on the Target, South Beach, or Natis parcels.


triggerfinger November 1, 2018 at 4:48 pm

Permit records:

Approval ID Approval Type Approval Status Street Address Project ID Title
2124939 Plumbing Permit Created 4850 NEWPORT AV 602707 Target #3303 TI
2124938 Electrical Permit Created 4850 NEWPORT AV 602707 Target #3303 TI
2124935 Building Permit Created 4850 NEWPORT AV 602707 Target #3303 TI
2124937 Mechanical Permit Created 4850 NEWPORT AV 602707 Target #3303 TI
2124972 Building Permit Created 4850 NEWPORT AV 602716 Target #3303 Shelving
2144177 Right Of Way Permit-Const Plan Created 4850 NEWPORT AV 607264 ROW 4850 Newport
2160967 Encroachment Agreement Created 4850 NEWPORT AV 607264 ROW 4850 Newport
2100360 Plumbing Permit Issued 4850 NEWPORT AV 596857 Target Store T-3303 T.I.
2100357 Building Permit Issued 4850 NEWPORT AV 596857 Target Store T-3303 T.I.
2100358 Electrical Permit Issued 4850 NEWPORT AV 596857 Target Store T-3303 T.I.

Also an easement for SDG&E filed on 10/18/18


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