Michael Mills Expands his Ocean Beach Empire With Purchase of 16 Units on Bluff at Narragansett

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Michael Mills – the gigantic land owner of Ocean Beach – has just expanded his OB empire larger with the purchase of 16 units on the bluff at the end of Narragansett Avenue.

One of Mills’ trust has purchased 5101-5107 Narragansett Avenue, a 3-story apartment complex right on the coastal cliffs for $6.8 million – according to an industry source. The seller was William R. Mundt Trust.

The large structure, built in 1973, includes a mix of studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments which range between 484 and 1,527 square feet on the 12,141-square-foot chunk of prime real estate cliffs.

What a deal! Michael Mills is soooo lucky, isn’t he! One of the agents who represented Mills declared:

“It is uncommon for an oceanfront property to become available on the market. This is only the fourth oceanfront apartment building over ten units to sell in San Diego County in the last 20 years.”


Michael Mills’ properties in Ocean Beach. Each red star represents a separate property.

Of course, the OB Rag has been following ol Michael Mills over the last few years. We’ve been trying to keep an updated list of his many, many units in OB and the surrounding neighborhoods – we have failed – and to map where all his units are.

Okay, just how many units does he own out right or through his various trusts?

In 2016, we counted 241 units, homes, condos and apartments. So, add another 16 just bought, and that’s 257 units. But we know there’s more – readers keep notifying us, saying ‘hey, my landlord is Michael Mills and my home isn’t on the list.’


Mills’ properties in the War Zone, northwest OB. Each red star represents a separate property.

So, why have we been keeping track of Mills? First, he has direct power over many of our neighbors – hundreds. Second, he hasn’t been the model landlord. In fact, we reported a couple years ago about his notoriety:

Mills owns a lot of property in Ocean Beach – many rental units. And he has a long history buying up properties, raising rents, and maintaining sub-standard living conditions.

In fact, back in 1998, a judge sentenced Mills to a year in jail after he pleaded no contest to 10 charges of maintaining substandard rental properties in Ocean Beach. The judge also placed Mills on three years probation, and one of his conditions of probation was to hire a professional management company to bring his properties up to code.

At the sentencing, the Deputy City Attorney hailed the victory over the slumlord, particularly since many of his tenants were low-income families with children. San Diego Source (1-28-1998)

Rumors have swirled for years about how many rental units Mills actually owns, so we set out… to find just a few of his properties.

And his places are scattered all over OB and parts of Point Loma. Yet, Mills has focused on the old “war zone” area of northwest OB. (See ‘War Zone’ map).


Large series of apartment buildings on 4600 block of Muir Ave.

At a tenants’ rally in June of 2016, one of the organizers was interviewed by Dave Rice – who writes for the San Diego Reader -and she told Rice:

“Michael Mills has…been paying cash for multi-unit buildings around O.B. and, after 60 days, raising rents. Some of the tenants who’ve remained in these buildings say they’re half empty now, and though he’s coming in and putting a little paint on, some flooring, but if you look at the properties he owns they’re really some of the gnarliest, most run-down buildings in O.B.”

One thing our map doesn’t show, are the multiple unit complexes and apartments.

For example, his property at 4955 Niagara – only 1 star on our map – has 37 units – his largest complex in OB, which he bought in 1991. His place at 4657 Muir – which takes up half a block – has 25 units.

Look at that map. See the list.

Here’s the outdated list:


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Avatar OBKid May 31, 2018 at 11:45 am

What a loser…OB is filled with these rich old surly dudes who run slum lord housing (also looking at Bill on Del Monte ave.) …But are they Air bnbing?

See this is the sort of old breed of OBcean that we want to remove – the michael mills of the world.


Avatar Geoff Page May 31, 2018 at 3:32 pm

Where do you get your information OBKid? Mills is a property owner, where does it say he lives in OB or that any of those “rich old surly dudes” you refer to live in OB? And, he clearly is not a loser, he’s worth millions. And he does not represent “old breed OBceans” either. You can dislike him and what he is doing, most of us do, but don’t paint him as an OBcean or representative of OB.


Avatar Omarc johnson June 2, 2018 at 3:09 pm

Maybe he will turn them into a homeless shelter.


Avatar K May 31, 2018 at 11:50 am

What is meant by the term, ‘war zone’?


Frank Gormlie Frank Gormlie May 31, 2018 at 1:57 pm

The old “War Zone” was northwest OB where cops, drug dealers, musicians, bikers, sailors – and many college students – mixed it up. It was a very lively neighborhood, with enough low-rent places that allowed many kinds of people to live and hang out there. A lot of people nowadays object to the term – it’s much more sedate there now, of course. Just a bit of OB’s colorful history. See this history of the rowdies of OB https://obrag.org/2015/05/history-of-the-rowdies-and-ruffians-of-ocean-beach/


Avatar Omarc johnson June 2, 2018 at 3:16 pm

Let them sit empty. And see how long his money will last.


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