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Robert Marrow March 16, 2018 at 9:33 am

I just recently worked for Caryn Blayton with the PB Street Guardians and it’s definitely NOT what they advertize. Mrs Blayton does NOT care about giving the homeless jobs or even helping to get them off the street. She has told all Us Street Guardians that she is more concerned about the trash along with the hostility shown by homeowners towards the homeless along with the growing resentment by usually mentally ill homeless people back at the homeowners. Mrs Blaytons towards her workers is well hidden because the Street Guardians them self are rarely approached by homeowners, and Mrs Blayton runs interference if she feels that any conversation with a home owner or business owner goes on to long. She definitely doesn’t want the many OSHA, State and Federal Law violations to come up. Violations such as: Not providing drinking water (Potable) while doing the long walking street cleaning details along the major roads such as Garnet, Grand, Hornblend etc.. When I signed on as a Street Guardian I asked about access to water and Restrooms and was told that Most of the business would let U use their bathroom and provide water. Totally untrue. many of the business like the fact we clean their sidewalks and streets but still do not want us in their businesses and wont provide water and neither will Mrs Blayton. We are made to work 2 to 3 shifts a day consisting of no more than 2 to 3 1/2 work at a time for minimum wage. This ruins the chance of getting a dinner being handed it out by the various churches and Awesome people of Pacific Beach. It also makes it very difficult to set up doctors appointments and other thing of that nature. Working shifts like that for such a small amount of money doesn’t make sense. We also don’t have an adequate wash station. We just did a day of picking up garbage (regarded as a Hazardous Waste by both OSHA and the Federal Government), trash juice on our clothes, skin and our hair, sweating in the sun with no water to drink and all we have to clean up with is a small sink at Saint Andrews Church by the Sea with regular hand soap. (OSHA Regulations state that All Hazardous Waste cleaners be Provided Adequate Clean up area INCLUDING showers when dealing with hazardous wastes. Mrs Blayton also believes that when doing your walking routes U had be better be fast and Don’t Ever Ever Stop. We are made to do the miles of walking routes a day without stopping. Add to that No water to drink AND no bathrooms we can use. Also Most homeless people are not in very good shape to begin with. Luckily I am in good shape But I am Diabetic and the no water was a killer because my medicine definitely increased my thirst. Also one of Mrs Blaytons workers has not taken a shower in over a year. Talk about the Rotting walker on a hot day PHEEEEWWW. And Last but definitely NOT least she short everyone’s last paycheck if they decide to Leave. I was shorted at least 5 hours and she also refused to give me copies of my time sheet that I filled out or copies of the days that were posted to work or the revisions that were made during the week changing the hours that had originally been posted. So Yes, Thank You Mrs Blayton for keeping the homeless people looking, smelling and Definitely money wise staying Homeless.


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