Ocean Beach Man Brings ‘No Target in OB’ to Target Headquarters in Minnesota

by on December 1, 2017 · 2 comments

in Ocean Beach

Noah DesRosiers was in Minnesota for Thanksgiving last weekend – where his girlfriend is from.

It’s also where Target has its corporate headquarters.

Here’s Noah’s story as he recounted in an email to the OB Rag.

... I decided to bring the OB protest to them. I made a NO TARGET IN OB sign while brunching with friends, and then stood in front of the HQ for a picture.

Because it was a holiday weekend, nobody was around. It was a rather inefficient, unofficial protest.

But I also did go inside the guest entrance to see if, spur of the moment, I could speak with anyone at all, on a friendly basis, as I assumed it’s really 4864 Newport’s owner that holds the cards in this situation.

Nobody wanted to come down to see me even for a 5 minute work break for a zany story from California.

Anyways! Enjoy the piccture, And keep business local :) Happy Holidays, friends.

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retired botanist December 5, 2017 at 5:19 am

I’m a little surprised no one has chimed in here, so let me be the first to say thanks, Mr. DeRosiers, for bringing the OB message to Minnesota. Every statement counts, big and small, near and far, and taking advantage of opportunistic geography to spread the No Target in OB view is a great example of easy citizen action we can all take. Did you get a reception? Apparently not, but that in itself peels back a layer of the onion that is Big Business– “too big and important to care about out-of-state riff-raff hanging around the lobby.” So thanks for taking your personal vacation time and using it to represent your community. Now that’s a message I’m hearing! :-)


Noah DesRosiers September 26, 2019 at 5:56 pm

Ha! You are welcome :) I bantered with the lobby staff for about 45 minutes – he was a former Angeleno! So that was my in. I told him about the spur of the moment thing, and asked if there was absolutely ANYONE in the building in a management or outreach capacity that would appreciate the break on a holiday to bandy with a cheeky protester – and he did call around, but most people were just gone. I gave him the sign though, and asked him if he would please try to get some other people to see it, and that if anyone wanted to talk, they could call or e-mail me (left my details). Never heard from it again, but I like to pretend the sign is hanging in a boardroom somewhere.


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