OB Planning Board Chair Says Project at Ebers and Greene Is a ‘Public Nuisance’ and Calls for City to Take Action

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in Ocean Beach

Fence portion collapsed into right-of-way. Photos by Aly.

Ambert Calls Project at 2269 Ebers a Violation of Municipal Code

The Chair of the Ocean Beach Planning Board, John Ambert, in a letter to City representatives, described the decaying construction project at Ebers and Greene Streets a “public nuisance” and calls on the City to take action.

Recently, part of the fence that surrounds the site collapsed at 2269 Ebers and exposed the fact that the skeleton of a 3-story building has been lived in.

Ambert – in his letter to Xavier Del Valle (of the Development Services Dept.?) and Conrad Wear, Councilwoman Lorie Zapf’s community rep – says the wood has deteriorated while the structure sat vacate for over a year, and with homeless activity and trash build-up, “the project meets the criteria for public nuisance” per San Diego Municipal Code section 121.0404 (d). He calls on the City to take “elevated action by DSD and Code Enforcement.”

Here is the body of Ambert’s letter, sent by email on Oct. 16, 2017:

Good Afternoon Xavier and Conrad,

I am following up on the status of this project. It has been nearly an entire year since my initial request for action (10.25.16). The last update (from Conrad) I received was June 9th when the project was still undergoing review. Please advise on the status and the project timeline.

This project has been siting vacant for over a year now. The wood substrate is now deteriorating due to winds and rain. On Friday the construction fence fell over and is currently in the public right of way.

As a result, there has been vagrant activity in the property accompanied by a significant amount of trash build up. Per SDMC 121.0404 (d)  this project meets the criteria for public nuisance, and requires elevated action by DSD and Code Enforcement.

Please contact me with the specific actions being taken. Thank you


This project has been a nightmare for neighbors and local residents. It has a long history – that we have documented – over these last couple of years and now for the community to suffer from the continuing deterioration and neglect by the owner-developer. (Do a word search for “Ebers and Greene” on our homepage Search Bar.)

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Frank Gormlie October 17, 2017 at 7:16 pm

John Ambert received the following email from Conrad Wear:

“Good afternoon John,

Combination Building Inspector Sean Jones and I visited the site this morning. Sean took photos of the issues at the site. Code is well aware that this is a #1 priority for our office and for the community. Sean has some more information below. To put it simply, we expect that a Notice of Abatement for Vacant and Unsecured Structure will be issued shortly.

Kind regards,
Conrad Wear”


OB Joe October 17, 2017 at 7:53 pm

This place is more than an eyesore; it stands out and makes that whole little nice neighborhood seemed trashed. Get rid of it!

Oh, and I appreciate that Wear got back to Ambert, but why did it take a letter in the first place?


kh October 18, 2017 at 9:53 am

We can turn it into a homeless shelter and get the mayor out there for some TV time.

Oh wait, I see there’s already a mattress, we’re halfway there.


Frank Gormlie October 18, 2017 at 10:07 pm

I just drove by the place tonight (Wed) and the fence appeared to be back up.


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