Vigil at SeaWorld to Honor Passing of Orca – Noon Today, Wed., Aug. 16

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in Ocean Beach

By Friend of Orcas

39 years in captivity. Finally free of pain. Kasatka Orca.

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. made billions off your captivity and children born into it. But they never did right by you, in funding the design, construction and maintenance of a seapen retirement sanctuary where you could once more feel the ocean, and share it with your children.

Will the City of San Diego honor your long service to its tourist economy? #MayorKevinFalconer #CouncilmemberLorieZapf

VIGIL at NOON TODAY: SeaWorld Dr at SeaWorld Way. Park at South Shores Park/Boat Launch on SeaWorld Dr just west of Friars Rd, and walk west on SeaWorld Dr to the next light. Park in car spaces, not long spaces.

Editor: This is the same Kasatka featured in the OB Rag’s 2014 series of the ten orcas held in captivity by SeaWorld, “Orca Profiles in Captivity”; Kasatka was #2 of the San Diego 10. Here below is a portion of that report:


Orca K no2 SD10

Kasatka and calf

This is the second in a series of ten in which we meet one of the San Diego 10 orcas and hear from an advocate who continues to be one of the voices of these imprisoned voiceless, never stopping until the whole world listens.

Prisoner #2: Kasatka

Age: About 36

Captured off the coast of Iceland, on October 26, 1978, Kasatka was just one year old when torn from her pod. Kasatka, whose name comes from the generic Russian derivative of the word “orca,” is 17.7 feet (5.4m) long and weighs 5,950 pounds (2,700 kg.)

Each of Kasatka’s children is captive born. She gave birth to four offspring: Takara, Nakai, Kalia, and Makani. Nakai, born on September 1, 2001, is the first orca to be born as a result of artificial insemination. While his mother, Kasatka, lived in California, his father, Tilikum, was in Florida.

For the remainder.

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bodysurferbob August 16, 2017 at 9:33 pm

i sincerely hope someone went and can tell the rest of us what happened.


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