Rachel Maddow Nails Senate Bill’s Axing of Medicaid

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Thursday night, June 22nd, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC took on the newly-exposed Senate Republican health care proposal and making no bones about it summarized that it “takes a meat ax” to Medicaid, America’s number one insurer.

Republicans want to ax more than $800 Billion from Medicaid. (That’s “B” for billion.)

Maddow neatly and clearly laid out all what Medicaid provides, but with the punch line that the drastic cuts could affect 75 million Americans. Here, in brief, were her major points about Medicaid:

  • nearly half – 49 percent – of all births in the country are covered by Medicaid;
  • 76 percent of all poor children are covered by Medicaid;
  • Medicaid covers 30% of all adults with disabilities;
  • 60% of all children with disabilities are covered by Medicaid;
  • Medicaid covers 39% of all children in general;
  • nearly 2 million U.S. veterans are covered by Medicaid (added to Maddow’s list by VoteVets).

Maddow stated:

“Seventy-five million Americans all have the same health insurance (Medicaid), and the big health bill that the Republicans unveiled in the Senate today takes a meat ax to that health insurer.”

Something more: 20 percent of the U.S. population relies on Medicaid – and for them, it’s a matter of survival.

Go here for the video of Maddow’s show where she explains all this.


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