Possible 6th Victim of Attacks on Homeless Has Emerged – He Survived

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Homeless attacks 6th Victim

Phillip Petrina – possible 6th victim. Screen capture from 10News.

A possible sixth victim in the series of attacks on homeless men has emerged from the shadows.

Phillip Petrina says he was attacked by an unknown assailant with a rock while sleeping and he says the man who attacked him is the same man arrested by police for the murders and attacks recently.

It happened on July 7th, he said, right in the middle of the serial attacks. abc10News

That scenario certainly follows a pattern of the serial killer – attacking homeless while sleeping.

Meanwhile, the man accused of the heinous crimes, Jon David Guerrero, is being arraigned in the afternoon today, Tuesday, July 19.

Guerrero, from Coronado, is being charged with three counts of murder, two of attempted murder and two of arson.

If police determine that Petrina is indeed another of the suspect’s victims, then more charges would be expected to be filed against him.

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Phillip C. Petrina November 7, 2021 at 1:40 am

Even though the police never reconized me as one of your victims we all know I was and the PTSD and brain injuries that you put me through Jon David Guerrero just made me stronger being advocated for PTSD victims I’m saving lives. You are right where you belong-HELL- [We/I], may never understand “A Mind of a Serial Killer”,® like you, & WHY? By P. C. Petrina(07-07-2016@6am. I was your Victim~(You we’re almost mine, tell the guys in prison, me punching you in the throat almost killed you, if you weren’t Possessed with a Falling Angel. I’m no longer scared of facing you, care for a visit? Let me know, thru, Chanel 10 ABC news investigates ( FOR)Rachel Bianco/ shes’ a great reporter to help you, and US understand the words WHY You, WHY US?


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