Reader’s View: Here’s the Schedule of Gates of New Fence Around Cabrillo Recreation Center in Point Loma

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PL Cabrillo Fld map n schedBy Korla Eaquinta

The new fence around Cabrillo Recreation Center is finished.  The community has been concerned about access as the gates have been locked up most of the time.

The following is an email from Alvin Nguyen, Center Director detailing the new procedure for the field to be accessible.  (Please note that no one is allowed to be on school grounds nor on the field at the Rec center during school hours.)

Starting March 1, 2016, we will be following the procedure according to the above Cabrillo Gates Map.

I have listed a breakdown of the procedure below for your convenience:

  • Gates 3 to 5 will be unlocked at 2:45 PM on Monday to Wednesday and Friday, and at 1:00 PM on Thursday (minimum day).
  • Gates 1 and 2 will be unlocked at 4:30 PM Monday to Friday.
  • All gates, except gate 3, are kept locked up every night after closing on Monday to Thursday.  We have to keep gate 3 unlocked due to Adult Softball using the field.  If gate 3 is locked, then the patrons will not be able to leave the premise.
  • All five gates remained unlocked on Friday night and throughout the weekend.
  • The school locks up Gates 1 to 3 every morning on Monday to Friday, and the maintenance staff at Cabrillo lock up Gates 4 and 5 on Monday morning.  I have also directed the maintenance staff at Cabrillo to ensure that the gates are all locked by 7:30 AM if the school does not lock them up.

The next Point Loma Community Recreation Council meeting is being held on Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 5:30 PM at Cabrillo Recreation Center, and we do post our agenda at the recreation center.

This schedule seems to be in effect at this time.  However, this new fence has caused a problem with homeless people camping in the bushes between the new, 10’ fence and the old 4’ fence on Evergreen Street.  The neighbors have been “policing” this problem and reporting it for clean up.  They make quite a mess in those bushes and it is not safe for our school children to be exposed to  this.

Korla Eaquinta is active in the Peninsula community and is a resident of the Roseville neighborhood.

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