OB Rag Poll: Sanders, Clinton, Trump

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For a week, the OB Rag ran a poll on the presidential preferences of our readers.  The poll was a wide-open horse race that had all the major candidates of both major parties running against each other, and included most of the top-tiered GOP candidates (however, it did not include and we now think it should have included Jeb Bush).

Overall, Bernie Sanders came out way ahead – with nearly 51% of the total vote. Near each other, Hillary Clinton had 17.5% and Trump had 16.7% following Sanders way down the sheet.

Marco Rubio had 3.3%, Ted Cruz had 1.7%, Chris Christie had .8%.  Another 3.3% wanted another GOP candidate (Bush?).

Hillary Clinton-Nearly 6% of the 120 respondents indicated “none of the above”.

Over two-thirds of readers who did respond voted for the Democratic candidates. Bernie received 74.4% of the Democratic vote and Hillary got 25.6%.

On the other side of the aisle, not quite a third of those who did respond voted Republican. Of those almost two-thirds wanted Trump – 64.5%. Rubio was 13% of the GOP vote, Cruz was 6.5%, Christie was 3.2% – and some other Republican was 12.9%.

Interestingly, no reader checked the “Green Party Candidate” choice.

Of course, this was not a scientific poll, but more of a survey of our readers’ preferences.

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tj January 28, 2016 at 8:37 pm

mostly encouraging.

&, Jill Stein is an excellent candidate & should be in the upcoming debates with Bernie & Donald.


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