Poll: 87% Support Legalization of Pot

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bong w iceIn the latest OB Rag poll of our readers on if they supported the legalization of recreational marijuana, an overwhelming 87% responded that they did.

In contrast, nearly 11 and a half percent were opposed to its legalization. One percent replied they didn’t know or had no opinion.  No one responded that it was improper or immoral.

The legalization proponents in this poll were split between those who smoked it – 47.1% – and those who didn’t – 40%.

Among those who were opposed to legalization, 4.3% were against it for health reasons, and 7.1% were against it because weed is classified by the Feds as a Schedule 1 drug.

We ran this poll – or survey – of our readers in anticipation of the question being on the 2016 state ballot.  Our survey ran for about a week, there were 70 respondents – and yes, we know, it was totally unscientific, but it does give us a sense of where our readers are on this question.

Here is the poll:

Question: Do you support the legalization of recreational marijuana?

I smoke it and support the legalization of weed.
33  votes  – 47.1 %

I do not smoke it but support its legalization.
28 votes –  40 %

It’s bad for your health – I do not support its legalization.
3 votes – 4.3 %

It’s a Schedule 1 Federal drug – I do not support its legalization.
5 votes – 7.1 %

It’s immoral or improper to legalize it – no.
0 0 %

Legalization will drive out the more inexpensive black market trade – no I do not support legalization. 0 0 %

I don’t know or no opinion.
1 vote – 1.4 %

TOTAL: 70 votes – 99.9%

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