The quest for justice for the 43 Mexican students continues

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Video: The San Diego March for Ayotzinapa

By Horacio Jones / San Diego Free Press

ayotizinapa march san diego March_2015When I heard that the families of the “normalistas” were coming to San Diego I was keen to do a story on their caravan. Ever since I heard about the kidnappings I felt compelled to do whatever I could to support their cause against the “narcos” and the Mexican government.

I feel that the only way things will change in Mexico is through the grassroots efforts of people like these who are tired and disgusted with the current state of Mexican politics.

The lack of reform by the leadership is only hurting the country; most people I speak to in San Diego are reticent to go on vacation there. Indeed, I have cautioned my own family not to visit until there is some visible change to the tenuous situation in Guerrero.

There have been numerous calls by the international human rights community to continue the investigation but the government has seemingly disregarded them. It’s evident that the government doesn’t want the real truth to be known, especially if it may implicate them or the armed forces.

The disappearance of the 43 students remains quite a mystery; had they came from rich and powerful families, then probably more would have been done to solve it by now. Unfortunately they were children of workers and farmers without much political influence, hence it is up to these families to solve the crime on their own through protests and calling on aid from other countries. I hope their voices can convince American politicians to persuade the Mexican government to do what’s right and continue the investigation until the 43 students are found.

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Alex Alexander April 8, 2015 at 12:17 am

Mexico will never change.
You may protest symbolically from San Diego and nothing will change.
Mexico is a Lost cause. The same with Latin America.


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