“Preserve Point Loma” Mobilizes Against The Point Loma Summit Project

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Editor: The following is a media statement by Preserve Point Loma, a new grassroots group from the Peninsula.

Point Loma Citizens Organize to Oppose La Playa 4 Lot Sub-Division on Steep Hillside

Preserve Point Loma, a newly created grassroots citizens group announced its opposition to the 4 lot proposed subdivision “The Point Loma Summit” on the old Jessop estate on La Crescentia Drive. “The site contains environmentally sensitive steep and unstable hillsides and sets a bad precedent for future deviations and variances to the San Diego City land use policies detrimental to our community character.” said Marcie Rothman, co chair of the group.

“This project is in violation of our adopted Peninsula Community Plan and contains deviations to the existing Zoning Code regarding access, setbacks and height,” said Bill Moody, a member of Preserve Point Loma.

The subdivision proposes densification and carving up the old Joseph Jessop Estate located at 414 La Crescentia Drive into 4 lots including the Tudor styled home built in 1926 by Joseph and Mabel Jessop. Opponents of the project include many members of the extended Jessop family.

“The development crowds buildings that are out of place in the neighborhood and adds erosion risk to the fragile cliffs by water runoff. The project requires multiple deviations from the requirements of the Municipal Code and is inconsistent with the Community Plan.” said Jim Jessop.

The project was recommended for DENIAL by the Peninsula Community Planning Board on August 15, 2012 by a vote of 12-0-1. But, the project was recommended for APPROVAL by the San Diego City Planning Commission on June 19, 2014. The FINAL DECISION will be made by the San Diego City Council, Monday, November 17th, 6 pm at City Hall, 202 C St, Downtown San Diego.

Recently the San Diego City Council denied a five lot subdivision known as the Peeling project located on Harbor View Drive due to concerns over unstable hillsides, deviations to the zoning code and issues of community character.

Preserve Point Loma is a community grassroots organization working to maintain the integrity of the Peninsula Community Plan from ill conceived development. Supporters and members of Preserve Point Loma include a wide range of numerous civic leaders. Preserve Point Loma is leading the effort to obtain petition signatures in opposition to the project and a website has been established at www.preservepointloma.org. For information please call 619-573-5230.

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Oscar October 24, 2014 at 7:44 pm

This article is so full of misinformation. Just an example is the nonsense about unstable hillsides. Neighbors are hardly qualified to address that issue and that particular issue has been thoroughly addressed by geologists and the City. The same old selfish neighbors show their nimby-ism and a I have mine go screw yourself mentality. Every project in their neighborhood has to deal with their lies about what the issues are. Why? Because the real issue is they want to control someone else’s property for their own benefit. They should all move to Liberty Station so they can have their neighborhood covenants they so desperately want. They certainly don’t respect the law or the Community Plan.


Bill October 28, 2014 at 1:02 pm

I have no idea who Oscar is, but it is apparent that he has no idea what he is talking about.

He doesn’t discuss the merits of the claims in the article; he simply complains about motives and says we should all just defer to the “experts”.

What is the pint of having a community plan, and requesting the surrounding neighborhood’s input, if you’re just going to chalk it up to selfish “NIMBYism”? Are the concerns of the neighborhood, on their face, to be rejected?

If this is so consistent with the Community Plan, why the request for so many variances? Why is the surrounding neighborhood nearly unanimous in their opposition?

I doubt that “Oscar” is that interested in the “Community Plan” or about the sanctity of the experts. This sounds like a paid-for endorsement by someone related to the project.

There are many legitimate concerns about this proposed project – concerns that could have impact on similar developments throughout the City, not just in Point Loma – and it would be better to debate the merits than to simply dismiss (or ignore) those who have concerns.


Maya October 28, 2014 at 11:00 am

It makes me wonder why these people can’t spend their time and money on one of the many needy organizations in San Diego. They could make a difference in a positive way, helping people in need. Surely all the time and money spent trying to stop someone from
how they use their own property could be better spent, and leave them with a better taste in their mouth! I wish the property owner good luck in the future.


Jean Yap October 28, 2014 at 12:44 pm

Seriously, Have you ever lived on a hillside in Point Loma?
Well, I have . Try being in a home where your 10 foot sliding glass doors are cracking and shattering and your house is sliding . All because of unstable hillsides. We aren’t trying to control we are trying to preserve a beautiful area of San Diego so that all generations to come can enjoy. I think you need to do your own investigating before you make such statements. Example : look at the landslide issues on Talbot and Mt Soledad gosh do you ever read the paper?


Maya October 29, 2014 at 11:31 am

I think I hit a nerve. As I drive through the streets of Point Loma I can find few homes NOT built on a hill side. Sounds like you have a construction problem, call your insurance company.


James October 30, 2014 at 8:56 am

As a long time Point Loma/San Diego resident these type of “issues” and the comments following are always entertaining. So many “first world problems.” Who are these people that apparently know everything about geology, construction, ect and have all the time and money in the world to stick their nose in other peoples business. Quit trying to control what others do with their private property. Many houses in this area (most likely including the houses of the people whining on this thread) are here as the result of someone subdividing in the past… Bottoms line, get a life! Tavel more, do better things for your community, and most importantly please lose that false sense of entitlement to everything surrounding your house/neighborhood. Believe it or not people, new houses are built on hillsides all the time without any problems…


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