“How Do You Train a Kangaroo Retriever?”

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By Judi Curry

As my Golden Retriever “Buddy” was quickly losing his ability to stand or walk, I decided it was time to start looking for another dog. I hoped that the new dog would breathe some life into Buddy, and although I had been looking for months for the “right” dog, none came to the forefront. None, that is, until I found “SHADOW”, aka Thomas, at the Baja Animal Sanctuary. He was just what I thought Buddy and I needed.

Although we cannot be sure of Shadow’s heritage, he appears to be a pure Retriever, but what kind is in question. You see, I think I have the “Superman” of the Retriever genre. He can’t leap buildings in a single leap, but he sure as hell can jump over the coffee table, with all the geegaws on it, to jump up on the couch to watch the people go by.

He loves to jump up on people entering the house, and, unlike other dogs, he gives “hugs.” With the exception of two people – one of my daughter’s who shall remain nameless – and “Cowboy” – who says that all animals should be kept “outside” – people enjoy the feeling and are reluctant to have him get off. He is so soft and cuddly – and strong .

Judi Curry  Shadow 02

Shadow and Lee

It is estimated that his age is between 2 ½ and 3 years old. The only training that he appears to have is that of being house broken. (Thank goodness.)

We have tried giving him commands in Spanish – after all, he was found in Mexico -, Japanese and Swiss German and he didn’t understand those any better than he understands English. So it was time to hire a trainer to help him “right his ways.”

I immediately went to Buddy’s trainer – Lee Wells – out of Coronado. When Buddy was being trained we took him to her classes, but now she does individual lessons at the house. Five of them. While she was training him – with me observing – he learned everything she taught him: sit, stay, down, release, wait, no bark, etc.

I tried my hand at emulating her – with her in attendance – and Shadow would have won the gold star. Except when she walked out the door Shadow said to himself “ . . . .well, I faked that” and never has done it again. Oh sure, he’ll sit – sometimes. He’ll lay down – sometimes. He’ll never stay; today I went out to bring in the trash cans and I turned around and he was right behind me. Lee had taught him not to go out the door without a command. So much for that training.

But the jumping is so much fun to watch; you wonder how long he can keep it up. He jumps over the dining room table; he jumps over the umbrella table out by the pool; he jumps from the king-size bed over and over and over, always leaving a new toy on the bed.

I wanted to take him for a walk and as we approached the three steps from the porch to the ground he lept over the steps, nearly pulling me with him. (Did I say he was strong?) Now when we go for a walk we leave from the side gate where there are no steps.

I doubt if he is really part kangaroo. His coloring is a little similar but besides the jumping ability he doesn’t have any other kangaroo attributes. So maybe he is just a plain Golden Retriever, with a bent for the dramatics. Lord knows – he keeps me laughing.

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Gail June 18, 2014 at 6:39 am

Thanks for bringing us up to date on Shadow. He sounds like a handful!


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