Shoot-out in Point Loma as Marshalls Attempt Arrest of Fugitive

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On Monday morning, there was a shoot-out in Point Loma when US Marshals and other law enforcement attempted to make an arrest on a suspected fugitive.   This all happened in the 1600 block of Catalina Boulevard, around 8:30 a.m.  At least 10 shots were fired.

The suspect  – wanted for murder – was wounded and taken into custody.  He was then taken to UCSD Medical Center by paramedics.  He is currently in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds.

A task force of Marshals and San Diego police wanted the guy for a fatal shooting in Linda Vista on Sunday, the 29th of December – the day before.

Undercover officers – having learned that their suspect was in a house on Catalina – came up to the residence. The guy then got in and drove a black Ford Mustage at one of the officers, reportedly “clipping” him.  Other officers then opened fire, severely wounded him.

10News reports:

  Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots, followed by a crash. Undercover officers were heard screaming, “Stop! Get your hands up!” and then more gunshots rang out, one woman told Fox 5. She said she saw a man lying by a black sedan that appeared to have crashed in the front yard of a home. The man was surrounded by undercover officers, she said.

 Police originally said the shooting took place during a probation check.

 7San Diego reports:

The unidentified suspect was taken to a nearby hospital and described by San Diego police as conscious and breathing.   A law enforcement officer was treated on scene for minor injuries.

 Aerials of the scene show a black SUV crashed into a palm tree along the sidewalk in front of one home.   Several yards away, a black Ford Mustang landed in a front yard of another home.   There are four vehicles parked in the street between the two crashed vehicles including a work truck and a taxi.

 “The crash and everything was three doors down from me. I’m brand new to the neighborhood and we don’t even have our boxes unpacked and a gun fight right here! Three doors down,” said resident Katie Lentz.


Here’s an update on the situation by Mercy Baron of the San Diego Reader:

After a December 30 shoot-out on Catalina Boulevard in Point Loma, a briefing was given by Lt. Jose Duran of the San Diego Police Department at 11 a.m. He said a U.S. Marshal Violent Crimes Task Force had led them to a pink house on Catalina.

 According to Duran, a suspect and four other individuals were holed up in the house between Santa Cruz and Coronado avenues. The suspect was believed to have committed a murder the previous evening in Linda Vista.

 Duran said the suspect tried to escape in a black Mustang, but several cars — including those belonging to a passerby, a cab, and law enforcement in unmarked vehicles — were involved in a crash in front of the house. The Mustang was stopped and ended up across the street. The wounded suspect came to rest lying on the ground next to the Mustang.

 Duran confirmed that a U.S. Marshal had been shot in his lower extremities during the shoot-out; his condition was not immediately known. Another person who had been in the house suffered multiple gunshots and was tasered by officers and then taken to a local hospital.



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