Neighbor Dispute In OB Over Backyard Torrey Pine Resolved

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OB Torrey Pine 4300 blk Orchard mc

Torrey Pine in backyard on 4300 block of Orchard Ave in OB as it appeared in August 2013. (Photos by Matthew Wood)

A dispute between neighbors over an endangered Torrey Pine tree has apparently been resolved, at least for now.

The tree, located in the back yard of a private residence on the 4300 block of Orchard Avenue, recently had a large branch cut off, hopefully appeasing neighbors who were calling for the tree to be completely cut down.

In August we reported about the tree in the yard of Chris Caplaneris, which his neighbors to the east said was causing cracks in their driveway and patio. “We fixed it three years ago, now we gotta fix it again,” said Adelaide Dasilva at the time, who added she had to have surgery after falling while cleaning up the pine needles.

OB Torrey Pine new 02 Orch

A large limb has been removed.

Caplaneris’s son, Peter, who lives in the apartment above the garage of the main house, said his family loved the tree but it was causing too much trouble for them.

Neither neighbor would answer the door to make a comment, but it appears a new fence has been installed between their properties. And the tree still stands.

“They probably satisfied the immediate issue,” said neighbor Mary Cairns, who lives across the alley from the tree.

“It’s not going to stop the root problem and it’s not going to stop stuff from falling into those people’s homes. It’s still a nice tree.”

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