Dissin’ Mayor Bob – Are We in for a Decade of Republicanism Delivered by Democrats in Name Only?

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He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone… – John 8:7

By Bob Dorn

circle-the-wagonsThe Pharisees are circling. Their feasting on what are –still — unsubstantiated rumors reveals the same mob-thought and histeria of ancient history, before the rule of law.

We still haven’t heard descriptions, neither anonymous ones nor any from his public accusers, of what Filner has done. Of all the “multiple victims” (the words of a principal accuser who happens to be a lawyer encouraging people to use his services) not one has stepped forward into the light to explain when and where the mayor harassed her, or him. The words sexual abuse have not even appeared in the trash talk of the politicians and partisan lawyers.

There’s a sloppiness in this attack that beggars the imagination, as if the hatred and passion of those dancing around the bonfire has relieved them of their reason and awareness of what they’re saying.

The most recent story to come out against the mayor was from Lori Saldana, a Democratic State Assembly member until 2010.

Saldana told VOSD on Thursday and Channel 10 news on Saturday, the 13th – which is of course operated by Texas media megalith, Clear Channel, Rush Limbaugh’s network — that two years ago she went to County Democratic chair Jesse Durfee some time in 2012 to warn him that women had been complaining of Filner’s harassment when he was still a Congressman.

That didn’t stop her from endorsing Filner a year later as he declared his run for the city’s top job.

Now that she’s joined those calling for him to resign we can only guess what changed her mind.

The other Democrats who earlier stood before the cameras to indict Filner personally have admitted they believed in him, have even called him a friend. Why didn’t these Democrats go to the subject of these rumors to tell him what they knew, or what they thought they knew, so that he could be warned of what was out there?

A smart politician would have been glad if they had told him, so that he could have confronted the lies or changed his behaviour. Has anyone asked these angry Democrats if they tried to head off their own party’s – and the city’s – disaster by going to him and talking?

There’s also sloppy reporting of the pretended Sunroad bribery, wherein Filner is said to have extorted the donation of $100,000 to some favorite municipal projects benefitting veterans and bicyclists in exchange for taking back his veto of a Sunroad development plan. A conveniently elaborate telephone message from Sunroad to Republican Kevin Faulconer (equal to the briber saying I bribed the mayor) got into Clear Channel’s hands. Now Channel 10 and all other media are saying either that the U.S. attorney, the Department of Justice or the FBI are investigating the case. No one can say for sure if it’s true, or which one is investigating.

The entire weeklong onrush of negative stories continues to bear a resemblance to the charade US Senators presented us some few weeks ago after they came out of three closed sessions with the NSA. They told us they could not reveal to the public what they heard in the meeting because national security would be damaged if they did so.

Similarly, here in San Diego we’re being told by those purporting to represent harassed women that they cannot reveal details of the cases because the women would be damaged by the exposure. Really? Not even Jane Does I through XXV can supply credible accounts?

Unanimity among the lesser elected and unelected circling him, even Filner’s own admission that he’s intimidated and disrespected women on his staff, can’t be a justification for his resignation. There has to be a cause.

The nonchalance with which major media can step so easily over the rules about objectivity would be breathtaking in all but England and the Third World. VOSD’s Liam Dillon called him “a New York Jew” when, in fact he was born and raised in Pittsburgh and came to San Diego more than 40 years ago to take a job teaching history at San Diego State. Dillon never apologized for his whatever-you-call-it. Maybe that’s because he feels there’s not much difference between a Pittsburgh Jew and a New York Jew.

No organization has engaged in more Filner hate than the SD-UT. Its owner and shaper — self-styling himself as Papa Doug and known to his employees as Papa Doc for his ruthlessness — displays the ethics of the robber barons. He’s passed by the boundaries imposed by city codes on development with impunity, time and again, from converting part of the U-T building in Mission Valley to a parking garage without permits, to scraping land in Carmel Valley without a permit.

His editorial cartoonist has morphed Filner’s face into Shylock’s and the front page editorials have cheerfully ignored balance. All this from a showy Catholic whose messy divorce from his wife of 43 years, Elizabeth Manchester — involved court papers alleging that he’d stolen her mail and “transferred at least $9.3 million from the community (their shared accounts) into his own separate accounts,” and forced her to pay her telephone bills with a credit card, among many other allegations.

The barrage of invective against Filner, the free use of hearsay from political insiders, and the eagerly shoddy reporting of it by the major media enthralled with the town’s Big Boys – all of it — suggests a set up. Have the elected Democrats in this Potemkin village cut a deal with the overlords?

Are we in for a decade of Republicanism delivered by Democrats in Name Only?

Filner’s book will be interesting.

This first appeared at San Diego Free Press.

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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman July 15, 2013 at 2:25 pm

A decade of Republicanism from DINOs does await us if Filner doesn’t work on recovery here. He’s ours for three-and-a half more years unless he resigns or is recalled — neither of which seems likely to happen.

Personally, I’m glad Filner intends to carry on. He’s a fighter and he has good ideas. I refuse to be sidetricked and distracted from understanding how the howling outrage over anecdotal sexual harassment by the Mayor has contributed mightily to the arch-enemies of his liberal Democratic administration of this city.

But as a woman I have to say that Mayor Filner needs work, really needs to shape up. He must learn to identify and respect interpersonal boundaries and simple propriety. It’s a self-help class that a lot of men could profit from, including developer and U-T owner Doug Manchester.

Filner can do this. We can move on. There is work to be done.


AlShur July 15, 2013 at 3:25 pm

I agree with all you write… EXCEPT to put Filner and Manchester in the same “class”, figuratively!


AlShur July 15, 2013 at 3:22 pm

We do not need an abuser in office! That said, there is no evidence that Bob Filner is that. What we do have is two lawyers, most likely on retainer, that have nothing to lose and much to gain by trying the Mayor, from one side, in public. If they were as honorable as they say they are why have they made a political spectacle instead of using the forums available that might have even afforded their client(s) a little more anonymity in the future? All, including Donna, claim to want to serve the city…??? How, by making a political circus instead of due process? What can be gained by today’s pageant for the press, except to make the two lawyers money and potentially influence some mythical future jury? Or maybe that wasn’t their goal at all???


Randy Dotinga July 15, 2013 at 7:34 pm

Clear Channel does not own KGTV/Channel 10.

It is owned by the E.W. Scripps company.


Shelly Schwartlander July 16, 2013 at 6:49 am

Wow, thank you for this. You have said it all. The “face into Shylock’s” really hits home. I get it totally. I’m sad though to see this story as “Papa Doug” has created it on CNN and coming up now on MSNBC!! Darn, so harmful as reported. Why isn’t CNN interested in at least balancing the story a little with FACTS? I will cry if MSNBC reports so loosely!


Sean m July 16, 2013 at 9:34 am

What a slimy man. Has Bob been drunk for the past 20 years and how did he keep his behavior secret for so long.

I hope he stays because he is going to have a harder time giving away taxpayer’s money. No buildings will be named after mayor Bob.


Randy Dotinga July 16, 2013 at 12:02 pm

The slur against VOSD”s Liam Dillon is FALSE and needs to be retracted. Filner was raised in New York City.

Also, the error about Channel 10 remains in this story. The station is NOT owned by Clear Channel

-Randy Dotinga


Randy Dotinga July 17, 2013 at 6:11 pm

AGAIN: The slur against VOSD”s Liam Dillon is FALSE and needs to be retracted. Filner was raised in New York City.

Also, the error about Channel 10 remains in this story. The station is NOT owned by Clear Channel

-Randy Dotinga


Lori Saldaña July 18, 2013 at 12:56 am

For the record, I have never called for Filner to resign.


Gary Ghirardi July 18, 2013 at 4:42 pm

Welcome to “shabby” business of the opposition in Venezuela against the Bolivarian Government. Those who follow this line of thinking do so without concern for facts or proportion. It is a culture war and the defense of smugness or irony from liberals of progressives will not save the soup from the spoilers.


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