How You Can Support the OB Rag : Get a New T-Shirt or Packet of Original OB Rags

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OB Rag T-shirt promo May2013Back

View of back of T-shirt.

It’s that time of year when we make our pitch for support from our readers in Ocean Beach and elsewhere.  And we’ve made it easy to show support, by having brand new OB Rag T-shirts and packets of the old, original OB Rags – all for donations.

The donations we receive for our T-shirts is one of our chief fundraising endeavors.  After all, we do have expenses, and even though much of the labor that goes into maintaining this website is volunteer, we do try to pay our writers a small, occasional stipend – plus we now have our new office to maintain.

Obviously, no one is getting rich off the blog, but donations from T-shirts, old Rags, and the support from advertisers and a few individuals who send us larger seasonal donations are what keep us going.

OB Rag T-shirt promo May2013Front

Front view of T-shirt.

One of the things about the OB Rag is that it is part of OB’s history and culture – both the newspaper version which flourished from 1970 to mid-1976 and the online version that we’ve been publishing since late October 2007. It’s also part of the greater San Diego history and culture, as the OB Rag group of writers and bloggers began the online version of the San Diego Free Press in June 2012 – and our baby is doing well.

So … if you enjoy the Rag and appreciate the forum we provide for OBceans and others on current issues around the village and beyond – then please donate for a T-shirt – details below – and get a packet of 5 of the original OB Rags – the real ones – not reprints or some new digital version.

If  you’d like to take even a larger step in support – consider taking out an ad on our sidebar – we have very reasonable rates for small, local businesses and for community groups and progressive organizations. The OB Rag has a daily average of more than 1600 readers, with a monthly average of 60,000.

(Email us if you are interested in ads )

 Our New T-Shirts

Our brand, new T-shirts are hot off the press from OB’s own James Gang.  All cotton, made in the USA, we have sizes of medium, large, extra-large, doubleX and tripleX sizes – all short sleeves and all in black.  These shirts are real quality and on the tag it actually states:

“This shirt was sewn by 9 people in a sweatshop-free environment who make fair wages and have access to health care and other benefits.”

The design on the new T’s – a variation of our “classic” design – was the winning design in a contest that we held just recently.  Kat Svetlic won first place so this is basically her configuration – we added the slogan, “Serving Ocean Beach since 1970 … with a few gaps in between“.

We’re asking $20 for the basic shirt, plus postage.  The larger X-sizes are another $1 per X. More details below.

OB Rag Packet May2013 Good

Packets of Original OB Rags

We’ve also put together large packets filled with five issues of the original OB Rag for a donation as well. We are guaranteeing that you’ll receive these 5 issues from the Rag’s underground newspaper days of the Seventies, with a donation of $25.  These old original issues – the real ones – not reprints – are part of OB’s history and culture. They are a must for any OBcean who grooves on the village’s story.

How to make a donation for T-shirt or Packet


The basic asking donation price for the shirt is $20 and $3 for postage, see chart below for details on larger sizes.

Size Amount Postage Total
M, L, XL $20 $3 $23
XXL $21 $4 $25
XXXL $22 $4 $26

You can save the postage fees by making an appointment with us at our new office and coming by and picking it up.

Now, go to the home page and near the top you’ll find the DONATE button; make the donation with the right amount with the asking price plus the postage fees included. Then just follow the steps.  Make certain you make a note that the donation is for a T-shirt, include your size and address as well.

 Packets of 5 Issues – Blast From the Past!

For a donation of $25 you’ll receive the five old issues of the original underground newspaper that within a few years became OB’s community newspaper.  We’ll pick up the postage. So go to the DONATE button at the top of the home page,  follow the steps, and tell us that’s for the packet, and include your address.

Help the OB Rag keep its publishing schedule! Make a donation, sooner than later.

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Mike Trottier August 20, 2013 at 4:13 pm

if you start making them in different colors,…….Please let me know
Mike Trottier


Dan Shay October 29, 2013 at 12:04 pm

yeah, I would like white or blue…. black is not my best color….


mike trottier October 29, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Tell Patrick we need different colors.
white,….sand,….or blue

Please say “HELLO” to Pat and Mike, From Jane Houser and Mike Trottier


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