Pit Bull Put Down After Attack in OB Alley That Injured 2 Humans and 1 Other Dog

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An Ocean Beach pit bull crashed through a metal fence yesterday – April 10th – in the morning as a woman walked her dogs down the alley of 4400 block of  Santa Cruz Avenue.  The dog attacked one of  the woman’s dogs, clamping onto it that it took the pit bull’s owner who tried to break it up, to have to hit it with a metal pole before the pit released its clench.

Animal Control was called to the scene, the pit captured and taken.  As the dog has been regulated by Animal Control since 2010 when it was deemed a public nuisance after it bit someone ‘off-property’, it will be put down.

It all began between 8:15 and 8:30 am on Wednesday as Danielle Johnston was walking her three dogs down the Santa Cruz alley. One of her dogs was a German Shepard.

Without warning, a Pit Bull on the other side of a metal fence charged at the fence and crashed through, attacking the Shepard.

Johnston told Channel 6:

“I heard the dog charge the fence basically 0-90 and it came out and attacked. The dog stayed clamped and wouldn’t let go.”

The 3-year old Pit Bull – named “Blue” – got a powerful grip on Johnston’s dog, so strong that neither she nor the Pit’s owner, Mark Bailey – who rushed out to try to break up the fight – could not break them apart. That’s when Bailey reportedly “had to drop a steel pole on the pit bull about five times before it would release its clench, according to Johnston.”

Bailey told the news:

“My dog attacked the other dog and I was trying to break it up.”

 Bobbi Bailey, Mark’s wife, also stated:

“We take every precaution to keep her contained, as long as she is contained she is fine. This is the first time she has gone through the fence.”

The  Shepherd, Sage, had neck punctures and was taken to a veterinarian;  Johnston had her left hand bitten, and Mark Bailey suffered bloody arms and legs. He initially told the media that the Shepard injured him, but police stated that his own dog did it.

As Animal Control took Blue away to euthanize her, Mark Bailey was in tears. He told the media that he had gotten her from people who trained dogs a couple of years ago and she had been improving her disposition.

Bailey – obviously very upset, said:

“They’re not bad dogs. They have that name just because. It’s people that train those animals to be meaner.

“It’s wrong man, she doesn’t deserve to die. You’ve got to do something about those people that don’t know how to take care of animals or train them, it’s wrong, it’s wrong, I’m losing my dog because of someone else’s training.”

Initially sympathetic when she heard that the Pit was going to put down, Johnston changed her tune when she found out that the dog had bitten somebody else. She told Channel 6:

“The system has failed because you know they have these rules to keep it from happening again, and it did happen again.”

Obviously a dog-lover, Johnston said she believes that the training and care of the dog determines its behaviors.

Once a dog is registered as a public nuisance, it is required by San Diego County to be spayed or neutered, to be kept within an enclosed and locked area, to wear a muzzle in public, and to be kept out of dog parks. Owners are also required to have at least $100,000 of liability insurance and their homes inspected annually to ensure that rules are followed.

If the dog’s owner does not comply, the dog will be captured and euthanized within 24 hours. And this is exactly what happened in this situation with Blue.

Although pit bulls have recently been targeted as dangerous dogs, Holmes said they judge each dog upon its actions, not breed.

News sources: 10News and San Diego6



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Mari April 11, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Very strange – the Pit Bull that was shot by the undercover police officer at the Farmer’s Market a few years ago was also named “Blue”.


Frank Gormlie April 11, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Wow! Mari, you’re right. Must be a popular name for Pits?


Rachel April 15, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Blue is a popular name for pits due to “blue nose pits” Dark blue noses and often a silvery blue coat. Cesar Milan’s Junior is a blue nose pit.


Debra April 11, 2013 at 8:25 pm

It’s stories like these that have convinced me to carry a stun-gun whenever I walk my 3 little dogs. Over 20yrs ago, I had a little dog fatally mauled by a presumably Pit Bull mix. The girly-man of a boyfriend I had back then stood by, watching while I struggled with the vicious dog, literally risking life and limb. Since then I have learned not to trust larger, even seemingly non-aggressive dogs (and to eliminate girly-men boyfriends from my life, too).


cahlo April 12, 2013 at 5:08 am

how does a dog go thru a metal fence? when the owner has complete disregard for the restrictions that were placed on him from the previous incident. ‘blue’ was getting better…….right


Louisa April 12, 2013 at 5:53 am

They didn’t have disregard of restrictions so far as I could tell from the pictures. The pit bull crashed through a solid metal fence, tearing a joint between two panels and squeezing out of a pretty small opening. Hind sight is 20-20. Yes, the owners of the dog should have had a double fence system in place. But I don’t think most people would have thought a high, solid (dog cannot see through) metal fence would prove inadequate. It is appropriate the pit bull, to game by far, was put down. It was a terrible thing to have happened to all concerned. Everyone is hurt by this. It’s very sad.


Susie April 12, 2013 at 1:28 pm

RIP Blue. So sorry for the Baileys
My Condolences. Peace be with you.


Debbie April 12, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Sorry to Ms. Johnston who innocently was walking her dogs and experienced the attack!

Dog owners need to be responsible for their dogs….don’t leave them unattended to escape through fencing or bark non-stop, pick up your poop, walk your dogs on a leash at all times and don’t let your dog run freely in parks unless it is a leash free park.



EDLLI April 15, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Thery are indeed dangerous dogs! I hope to petition to ban them from the city for good!…Time and time again we hear of these horryfic stories


Louisa April 15, 2013 at 2:47 pm

I hope you don’t decide to petition. Breed specific legislation has not proved effective in protecting the public in other areas. Here in the US, we see a lot about pit bulls and other related breeds because that’s what exists here. There are other breeds out there that could be much worse. My fear is that if BSL takes hold (and is actually enforced), people who want monstrous dogs will breed overly aggressive versions of livestock guardian dogs. THAT would be bad news. A better approach would be for bully breed fanciers to take back the breed from the lawless. Breed responsibly. Don’t sell to just anyone. Be objective about the individual dogs and the breed characteristics.


Rachel April 15, 2013 at 9:11 pm

I didnt particularly care for the pitbull breed (not because of the dog but because of the owners) until I started volunteering at a no kill shelter with a high pitbull population. It was there I fell in love unexpectantly. She looked like piglet, with big pink ears and nose. She loved other dogs, people and she didnt even mind cats. She was quick to learn and had not a bone of aggression. She was the shining example of a dog, let alone a pitbull. People always commented on what an amazing and beautiful dog she was. Had she had her temperment in any other dog body, she would have been adopted immediately, but because she was a pitbull, she languished in the kennel until she was killed by worker neglect. But she was just a nasty dangerous pitbull who should be outlawed from living with humans, right?
The pitbulls have some of the best temperments at the shelter. The chihuahuas and bichon frese are the ones people are afraid of. But if other breeds attack or bite, especially anotther dog, it rarely makes the news. In fact, people tolerate pretty terrible behavior from small dogs because its thought of as cute, but when a 60 pound dog does it, it’s dangerous or threatening.
Dogs in general can be dangerous, big or small, but they are made, bred and trained by PEOPLE.


Kenloc April 17, 2013 at 8:31 am

If a small dog with a bad disposition bites, it hurts a bit but usually doesn’t break skin. When a 60 pound dog does it,it can cause great harm or death.(any dog,not just pits)Chihuahuas can’t crash through a metal fence and attack someone with 3 dogs,though it is kind of amusing when they think they can.
Large dogs that growl and snarl and pull at the leash are at face level with small children.I think we have all seen folks walking large dogs they barely have control of,on the leash and off.Those are the animals that are going to someday cause damage to someone or another dog,not a chihuahua.Sorry for the loss of the dog and injury to the other,I love all animals. If you have a large animal that shows aggression,please get a trainer.Expensive in the short term,but not as expensive as it can be.If your not going to get a dog trainer,get a chihuahua…..


Louisa April 17, 2013 at 10:56 am

If you aren’t going to train your dog, don’t get one, not even a chihuahua. A chihuahua can take off your finger or nose. True. It’s not as bad as death, but still. Train your dogs! Besides, training can be a lot of fun to do while you build a better relationship with your dog.

Here’s a (small) study about dog bites. I guess it’s a good thing I train my Labrador all the time because that breed seems to be the top biter for percentage of bites delivered. I’m glad I don’t own a Lhasa Apso (sp?) because they are the ones to deliver the most serious bites statistically. http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/Working+with+patients+-+technicians/Study-Chihuahuas-bite-vets-most-Lhaso-Apsos-inflic/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/613820

Train your dogs and condition them to cope with grooming, vet care and whatever might happen in their environment.


Merritt Clifton April 22, 2013 at 1:22 am

Contrary to the common claims of pit bull advocates, breed-specific legislation has ensured that the cities of San Francisco, Denver, and Miami, and the province of Ontario, Canada, have had no dog attack fatalities during the years it has been in effect. This cannot be said of any major cities without breed-specific legislation. Breed-specific legislation has also ensured that San Francisco, Denver, and Miami are three of the four U.S. cities that impound and kill the fewest pit bulls per 1,000 residents. I have been logging fatal and disfiguring dog attacks in the U.S. and Canada since September 1982. Of the 4,084 dogs involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks on humans occurring in the past 30.5 years, 2,527 (62%) were pit bulls; 529 were Rottweilers; 3,275 were of related molosser breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, Cane Corsos, mastiffs, boxers, and their mixes. Of the 507 human fatalities, 254 were killed by pit bulls; 84 were killed by Rottweilers; 376 (69%) were killed by molosser breeds. Of the 2,258 people who were disfigured, 1,451 (61%) were disfigured by pit bulls; 304 were disfigured by Rottweilers; 1,846 (82%) were disfigured by molosser breeds. For every fatal or disfiguring pit bull attack on humans, about 10 animals are killed or disfigured by pit bulls, a tendency not occurring with any other breed type.


Derek April 22, 2013 at 11:05 am

Sorrow for the Baileys? C’mon… how about the bills alone that Mrs. Johnston will encounter for herself and her dog! I am a dog owner and dog lover but we need to have social responsibility and the Baileys should be paying all the veterinary and medical bills incurred by Mrs. Johnston.


Louisa April 22, 2013 at 11:11 am

Of course they should. Are they not? I feel sorry for everyone in this terrible story.


Susie April 22, 2013 at 2:30 pm

Some of you need compassion and it was an accident. It was not planned, it was an accident. The poor creature had been abused and they were helping her have a better life. At least they tried. Stop judging others.
I do also feel so sorry for the person and dog that got injured of course. It is so easy to jump on the pitbull family. They did not want this to happen. Show some empathy. They have had their pet taken and put to death. Probably with out them being there . What a horrible thing for them and the dog. Show some constraint and some understanding. Don’t just jump on the people. They did not want this. They for sure would not have chosen this. I hope and pray all involved will find some peace soon.
Debbie…. We do not need a lecture or for you to tell us what to do. If you can’t be nice , write nothing.


Debbie April 22, 2013 at 2:53 pm

SUSIE, I like you….are entitled to make my comments. So if you don’t like what people comment, then I guess I can give you your own medicine back and say don’t read the RAG or make comments? No, I won’t give you those instructions but I am allowed to say what I feel.

A dog that attacks is a dog that attacks. I personally have had a family member attacked by a dog, rushed to the Children’s and endured over 100 stitches…No it was not a pit so I am not talking breed. This dog was was not a dog meant to be left unattended in a backyard. It could have been you walking that alley …. what would you be saying now??? You can feel for the dog and it’s owners but I feel for the innocent person and dog that were minding their own business walking the alley and got attacked.

For some reason, some people in OB feel they are entitled to act or do whatever that want regardless of laws or simply respect of their fellow neighbor and the rest of us are suppose to be “compassionate”. Again “Dog owners need to be responsible for their dogs….don’t leave them unattended to escape through fencing or bark non-stop, pick up your poop, walk your dogs on a leash at all times and don’t let your dog run freely in parks unless it is a leash free park. ” Thank you.


Susie April 22, 2013 at 8:38 pm

My my, can we say defensive, Deb.
Why don’t you apply for the Town Council or better yet, City Council so you can Rant And Rave. We have all been bitten. Me too. And no, I did not sue as I understood that it was an accident. Yes it hurt, I was upset but I knew it would not help anyone to sue. I was rescueing a lost dog and then I did find the owner. Get off your soapbox or get on the council so you can really Lecture people and maybe effect a change that you seem to want. That is the only way you will possibly get your way. I have been picking up dog poop in OB for 30 + yrs and its better now but not perfect. I even pull weeds and pick up trash on a daily basis. Also, I take down old garage sale signs too. what do you do but try to attact anothers opinion. no judgement, please. be glad it want you. dont walk in alleys. God bless you What do you do to help OB?
Peace out


Debbie April 22, 2013 at 9:07 pm

So if one volunteers on the OBTC or gets elected to City Council they are not worthy or a contributor to our community in your eyes?

I think you should be more compasionate :-)

Nite Nite


Susie April 22, 2013 at 9:20 pm

Give it a rest, Deb. it’s tedious. You are trying to twist things.
Go get a larger forum to effect change . I’ll say it again, ok.
I’m done. Got other things to do


Jon April 23, 2013 at 7:24 am

Is this a cat fight or a dog fight? I’m lost.


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