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OB Temana jc 01“Te Mana Café”
4956 Voltaire
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

 There are so many new restaurants opening in Ocean Beach it is difficult to get around to all of them in a few weeks. Today my friend Candy and I decided to have lunch at “Te Mana Café” on Voltaire. The physical restaurant is a restored 1924 Craftsman house. The Cruz family lived in it for years and as they remodeled it into the restaurant it is today, they continued living in all of the rooms – although they no longer live there now. It is beautiful; well furnished, and very warming to its clientele.

OB Temana jc 02“Te Mana” in Polynesian, means since the beginning of time, it is the universal force in all things and all beings. Te Mana is the essential bond uniting all things by ensuring perfect cohesion. A gift from god to men, Te Mana ensures success, the form and the balance of the one who holds it.  And with that premise, on February 15th, “Te Mana” opened for business.

In talking to the three honcho’s that were there today, Marguerite, Carson and Chris, they told me that they are adding new things to their menu daily. Almost all of their offerings now are in the form of a variety of bagels, croissant’s and/or wraps. They are very creative with their offerings – a “dread loxs bagel – $6.95; Haole Bagel, – $5.95 – etc.

OB Temana jc 04Since it was noon time, Candy and I both elected to have a TeMana Pulled Pork Sandwich – $5.95. Candy was concerned that it might be too spicy for her, and Marguerite offered to let her taste it before ordering. The “taste” was huge; warm and just what Candy wanted.

I would have liked it to be a little spicier, and would like to suggest that more than one sauce be available for those of us with a spicier palate. It was very tasty; served on a huge fresh bun that almost melted in our mouth. We ordered a side of macaroni salad that was made there, and it too was very good. I had a chai tea latte that was nice and complimented the meal.

OB Temana jc 05While we were there, there was a steady flow of people coming in to order. Some took out their orders, while others ate there. It is very dog friendly, with water bowls and leash hooks throughout the outside. The coffee/tea menu is extensive and some of their ground coffee is available for purchase.

OB Temana jc 03We were amazed that there were 4 people available to help us with our selections, deliver the food to the table, and just be friendly. Both of us would eat there again without any hesitation. One more aspect that is unusual today – the prices were all very reasonable. Lox and Bagels for $6.95 is unheard of today. Five of their other bagels were only $5.95. Yes sir! We will be back. You should try it too!

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Louisa April 9, 2013 at 8:54 am

We went there after a romp at dog beach. Very nice coffee and pastries. So convenient that the dog wash is just across the street. It made for a great family outing: Beach, coffee house, dog wash, car wash and home for loafing. :-)


OB Mercy April 9, 2013 at 11:15 am

Marguerite and Jason (her husband) and their kids, are the coolest people. I watched them build up the resto and it’s a lovely place to hang out. It’s so family warmy and friendly inside. Fireplace going, antique velvet couches and that porch and all the area in front just make for an experience in OB that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Check it out people! Good food and other yummy stuff too!


judi Curry April 9, 2013 at 11:50 am

We seem to dog each other a lot Mercy. Maybe we need to form a pac and hit these new restaurants together!


OB Mercy April 10, 2013 at 9:02 am



stu April 10, 2013 at 3:47 pm

can’t wait to try it. I saw it being remodeled and it looked enticing


Troy Bertelsen November 28, 2016 at 5:09 am

We drove in from Montana a year ago last weekend to visit a friend before he died from cancer and the love and compassion served up at Te Mana by Mararite and her kids bonded us to them instantly, and the coffee and food were truly Island Delights!!! We visit every time we get to San Diego now and send all our friends there!! Matter af fact today Paul Gowin from Montana is flying for a conference for the week and he is already looking forward to his meeting the Cruz family and enjoying great coffee, food and the Aloha of family!! Love, Love , Love the family and Te Mana Cafe!


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