Protest at the Citizens Review Board – Tierrasanta Branch Library, Tuesday, June 26th

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(ATTENTION: The CRB is NOT having its meeting at the Pt Loma Library as was earlier thought, but at the Tierrasanta Library)

 A protest is being planned at the next open meeting of San Diego’s Citizens Review Board on Police Practices. A grand jury investigation uncovered major corruption at the Board.  (Here is an article on the Grand Jury report.)

Some of the violations included police presence during closed sessions, police harassment, intimidation and bullying of board members who disagreed with police findings.

When: Tues. June 26


Tierrasanta Branch Library

4985 La Cuenta Drive

San Diego, CA 92124

Time: 6:30 PM

To improve the Board, the Grand jury made the following recommendations to the mayor:

  • Prohibit internal affairs investigators from attending the board’s closed session meetings.

 • Instruct the police chief to ensure internal affairs stops interfering with the case review process.

 • Select an independent team to investigate current board leadership and determine if it should be changed.

 • Establish an independent interview committee to choose future board members.

 • Reduce term limits from eight to four consecutive years.

The grand jury also suggested an independent investigation be conducted on board leadership and membership for possible dismissal.

San Diegans believe that pressure must be placed on the board to make the changes the grand jury recommended – and to continue to work to call for a board with subpoena, investigative and indictment powers.

Here is link to agenda.

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Danell Scarborough June 25, 2012 at 5:42 pm

The location for the CRB meeting of June 26, 2012 is the Tierrasanta Branch Library. Please see the agenda at this link for details


JW August June 25, 2012 at 8:09 pm

go to for previsous stories on the CRB—our ongoing investigation will include a visit to the meeting Tuesday night. For the most part our stories and the grand juries report have been blown off. But we plan to stay on this issue until it
is addressed in an appropriate manner by those responsible for assuring citizens & officers of a impartial and professional CRB

The city/mayor must respond to the grand jury report and the concern is the
criticisms will be white washed

JW @ 10news


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