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Editor: Our good friend and fellow Ragster Doug Porter has not been feeling so hot these last couple of days, and so hasn’t dropped off his daily column “First Cuppa Coffee” for a couple of mornings.  So, we have enlisted the last minute assistance of one of our regular readers and commenters, OB Joe, in the first of his irregular columns, “Wake and Bake”.

By OB Joe / Special to the OB Rag

Hey, all – ol’ buddy Doug is down, so I’m stepping in to fill his shoes – just for this mornin’ – ‘course if you like it, maybe the Rag editors will let me do it more often … just sayin’.  Anyhoo, my style is a little more free flowin’ than Porter’s so I hope it doesn’t distract from the news.  And BTW, don’t get upset if I’m using a lot of links to our local fishwrap, the U-T. The Rag editors called me freakin in the middle of the morning, before I had my first bong.  So Wake and Bake – fellow OBceans and other denizens of the world!

Who will pay for SDG&E’s screw-ups and all that 2007 fire damage? The U-T is reporting that Sempra Energy – SDG&E’s parent – is assuring investors that its San Diego-area utility customers – that’s us – will pay for nearly all of an estimated $463 million in costs not covered by insurance from the catastrophic 2007 wildfires that were triggered in large part by its power lines. My emphasis. Let’s keep this mind.

It’s a ‘no-go’ on the slavery of whales as judge rules against PETA. A federal judge dismissed on Wednesday a lawsuit filed in San Diego by PETA against SeaWorld, alleging the park’s performing killer whales are being held in captivity as slaves, in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment. Again, at the U-T.  I could have labeled it, “It’s a whale of a story” but resisted it.

Finally, Senator Barbara Boxer makes an appearance – calls for probe of San Onofre NukesU-T:  Sen.  Boxer has asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a comprehensive review of the radiation leaks at the San Onofre nuclear power plant, to determine how widespread the problems might be. Yes, right on! Go for it! BTW, nice to see you back in action Barbara, as your silence on such important stuff like SOPA and the NDAA has been deafening. It’s like you’ve been MIA – what’s the story on that. But thanks for this at least. ….

Downtown property owners and residents upset with their b.i.d. when they found out it is paying a controversial consultant $10 Grand a month!  The Reader reports:  downtown residents and up to 2600 other downtown property owners are really pissed off. First,  they were overcharged by the property and business improvement district in which they lived, known as the Clean and Safe Program, up to an estimated total more than $269,000.  More than two and a half years later, the residents have still not received refund checks, despite repeated promises from the City.  Meanwhile, the Downtown San Diego Partnership, the group that administers the improvement district, has been writing checks to Marco Li Mandri in the amount of $10,000 per month to serve as “key advisor” for district operations.  Li Mandri is a controversial consultant and fund-raiser buddy of Mayor Jerry Sanders. Hmmmm.

From the Department of ‘Excuse Me!’ The Escondido Police Department – known for leaning on its growing Mexican-American community – has just been awarded an honor for its partnership with ICE – the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. U-T reports this.  And Latino rights activists have consistently criticized the partnership, saying it creates distrust in the community and discourages crime victims who may be illegal immigrants from reporting incidents to police.  So, if you do read this article, read between the lines. Question authority.

 San Diego city workers beat outside contractors – again. This is the third straight victory that City workers have had in competing against outside contractors to provide services. This was announced by Mayor Sanders on Wednesday when he declared that city workers won the bid to provide the current level of street sweeping services for $560,000 – or 12% less a year. They beat out 3 contractors. Wonder if one of them was Marco LiMandri. (Here’s link.)

 Midway District Kick-off for Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative. So, why the heck was Nathan Fletcher doing there? There was Wednesday in the Midway District office of San Diego Youth Services the start of a signature gathering campaign for an initiative that aims to tighten laws against human trafficking in California. The Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act would update state laws around trafficking and mandate training for local law enforcement, plus increase prison terms and fines for human traffickers, and place other sanctions in place. Yes, Fletcher was there, got his mug photographed, and oh, yes, he is a state assemblyperson, but he is also … hello! running for mayor!

 Mesa College is growing! One of the highest growth rates in the country. I saw this during breakfast but can’t find it and I’ve got to get this done.

And, of course, I had to end with this … more of the same … more of the “War against Medical Marijuana” The city of San Diego can refuse to issue a certain type of business license to medical marijuana distributors, a judge has ruled. When is this region gonna enter the 21st Century??? Can you believe this? It’s been 16 years since Prop 215 was passed, and don’t fergit, my little brothers and sisters, more California voters voted to straight out legalize pot last November than there were votes for the Republican candidate for state governor – uh, what’s her name.

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OB Joe February 9, 2012 at 12:27 pm

Hey, btw, that’s not me in that photo – I don’t know where they got it.


Jason February 9, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Great article… joy to read. :-) Thanks! Barbara Boxer has got to go… We need a real liberal for CA, or someone like Bernie Sanders… I love that guy.


SVE February 9, 2012 at 3:45 pm

We are on the beneficial side (relatively) of the housing bubble, we were at the beginning of the of the ugly side of the college tuition inflation bubble, 2010 was the worst year for college grads to land a job, followed by 2009, 2008, 2007 (my year), congresses current approval rating is hovering around +- 10, (lowest ever), the church somehow still has a say in healthcare (its shocking people listen – Rubio for VP, come on), starve the beast is an actual strategy, technology is exponentially increasing, to our demise if we can’t illicit understanding (some congress members refuse to use email) of the people trying to regulate it – We are left with Anonymous & Occupy being our only hope. Well, the DISCLOSE Act is gathering steam (thanks Ms. Nancy & Colbert for PACin’ it), PACE is back on track, the gen xx’ers are pushing Agenda 21 (any unwanted trespassers to this email, here is your Agenda 21 explanation).

Pschhh, this is a test. As mentioned, Sharla Lane, Jeremiah Donner, & Adam Hyatt are out to take over the world. Our unifying force,? we are young, we are ready for “cohort replacement”, this is a babble of unfounded garbage.

BUT, we live in Ocean Beach, CA. None of us know whats happening cause we be two stonzed right, Dumanis (your a Repub lesbian though – whats up?)

Let’s keep on keeping on, walking our dogs, drinking beers, enjoying the sun, bc it’s all going to collapse soon. We will be there with a plan to put the pieces back together.

In luxury,


Frank Gormlie February 10, 2012 at 7:32 pm

Thank god! Someone is planning for when it all collapses! I thought it was just the religious fanatics, but sounds like some sane folks are getting it really together, as soon as they put down that bong and get off the couch.


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