Pacific Beach Residents Rally For Local Control Over Alcohol Licensing

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Screen capture from KUSI's report on Friday's rally in PB, 1/27/12.

About 100 Residents Protest Violence and Drunkenness in Their Community

Last Friday, January 27th,  approximately one hundred residents of Pacific Beach rallied on the boardwalk next to the Crystal Pier. They were there because they had complaints of too much drunkenness and violence caused by all the bars and restaurants in their neighborhood serving booze to young people.  They want more local control over alcohol licensing.

The group held a silent march from the Pier to Fanuel Street with lots of signs (one sign stood out – it read: “drunk people are un-cool”.

Micaela Shafer Porte, a PB volunteer and community activist, reported to the OB Rag:

The bars and bar attendees were subdued, but it was early, and someone said if we were doing this at 11pm, they would be throwing stuff at us. Some bars are now featuring signs advertising “family bonding night”, and I saw many families, some with t-shirts that read: “don’t move! improve PB”.

Scott Chipman of the PB Planning Board spoke of the goal to obtain local authority over bar action with aC.P.U (conditional use permit) )which is practiced in many other towns with similar problems, but keeps being refused to us here.

Friday’s rally was also attended by a few activists from other neighborhoods around the city, particularly North Park. Here is what the group – apparently organized by members of the Pacific Beach Planning committee – is saying:


  • PB and North Park have very high crime because of culture of over-consumption of alcohol in our business districts. PB consistently has the highest rate of violent crime and North Park falls just barely behind PB. PB has the highest rate of alcohol-related crime and general crime and is top or near the top in nearly all crime categories. This crime is centered around the business district where more and more restaurants are functioning like bars and more and more alcohol licenses are being issued, modified or expanded each year.
  • San Diego is #1 for DUI in the nation. For the 2nd year in a row has identified San Diego as number 1 for DUI in the country. .
  • San Diego ranks 10th in the nation of 40 cities for Drunkest Cities . San Diego is in front of (worse than) Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles.
  • Average Drinks, per person, per month 12.44
  • Percent of adults who are heavy drinkers 6.1
  • Percent of adults who are binge drinker 17.2
  • Deaths per 100,000 residents from alcoholic liver disease: 8.3

Without effective regulation, public health, and safety policies that proactively address the culture of overconsumption and overserving by bars and bar-like restaurants, we are creating an atmosphere that results in crime, disturbances, violence, vandalism, injury, etc.

  • The Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), SDPD vice, and city officials are part of the problem. The police work for the mayor and the mayor and city councilman are ignoring (or don’t know about or want to know about) the problems identified above and have become part of the problem themselves by endorsing new alcohol licenses, expansions of bar-like restaurants, and modifications to allow serving more alcohol, harder alcohol (not just beer and wine), and for longer hours.

A C.U.P. (conditional use permit) is the goal of the committee, which they hope will bring local control, including sanctions, of local problems basically. They have complaints that they are being ignored by the city and state and harassed by the alcohol lobbies and advertisers of “north of the border” party zones that the city seems to be encouraging, etc.

Our activist contact wrote us:

Pacific Beach has more than 6 times the legal california state quantity of alcohol licenses per capita, and more being demanded of the A.B.C (alcohol beverage commission) every week, and granted in spite of local protest. Some questioning observers wondered if there are more D.U.I’s here “on purpose” and we agreed that it did seem to be that way since they put all the bars and drunks here so they could catch them?

As San Diego is now at the top of the national list for DUI’s, something must be done, and we think the answer is not more bars (disguised as restaurants or coffee shops – i was just informed that Starbucks has now received authorization to serve alcohol – we have several Starbucks in Pacific Beach)

It is not a new theory that excessive anything is a necessarily a better condition, so why not distribute some of our bars to the other neighborhoods, so that people won’t have to take party buses to Garnet Avenue to get drunk, they can just walk to their own local bar, and walk home vomiting and breaking glass and passing out on their own local neighbor’s yards.

She says that they “are working with the folks of North Park who are also fed up with the party strip in their town… this is bound to become a hugh issue as there is mega money from very large lobbies at stake here, (alcohol/tourism) and a brief history (30 years) of established drunken habit.”

Here’s the KUSI report.

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Lois January 30, 2012 at 1:13 pm

Gee, that would make sense, and we don’t want to do that. SDPD have their priorities like busting protesters.


micaela shafer-porte January 30, 2012 at 1:21 pm

good article, but i think there were many more people than 100, not surprised that the press plays it down, and by crime, we aren’t just talking fatal stabbings, but vandalism and robberies, including innumerable bike thefts and car hold ups , “fight clubs” and “date” rapes, that are often unreported by the un-cool embarrassed drunk partiers who are prey to not only the DUI police check points…..
What happens in PB is NOT going to stay here…
of course y’all are “safe” during the day; i live here, i love it, i just want our “fair share” of liquor licenses, and no more….


Frank Gormlie January 30, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Micaela – I watched KUSI’s video on the rally and their estimate of the attendance was “about one hundred” – and unless there were a lot more folks who were there later, there certainly was not “500” as another estimate had it. Anybody else who was present wanna chime in?


Lois January 30, 2012 at 1:22 pm

Seriously, does it seem that OSD, OWS is having an impact on what is happening with the increase of bars and drunkeness in P.B.? Do the residents feel a little stronger about getting out and making a stand for what is troubling them?


just sayin...jim grant January 30, 2012 at 3:17 pm

jesus h does ows have to work it way into every conversation………….pb is a mad house i’d be upset as well fighting that crap every afternoon and evening.


Old Hermit Dave January 30, 2012 at 5:46 pm

PB needs to get Kevin (Carie Nation) Faulkner involved. He did wonders preventing anyone from watching the sun set on the Pacific Ocean as they sipped a cold drink containing alcohol. Might as well allow a few crazy young people ruin it for the rest of us.


d January 30, 2012 at 6:04 pm

driving taxi cab person can tell you exactly which bars “overserve”


Mark January 31, 2012 at 8:46 pm

Maybe the reason that we’re #1 in DUI’s is because the police are doing their job… If you want to lower the ranking, just tell the cops to let the drunks keeping driving, and voila! No longer #1!


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