Sign Pledge Against Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

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URGENT: The New York Times reports that President Obama is offering Republicans “substantial spending cuts, including in such social programs as Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security — programs that had been off the table.”

Will you join 100,000 others who have signed this urgent pledge, which we’ll deliver to the Obama campaign?

“President Obama: If you cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits for me, my family, or families like mine, don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012. I’m going to focus on electing bold progressive candidates who will fight to protect our Democratic legacy.”

The Washington Post reports that “congressional Democrats were alarmed by the president’s proposal.”

Frankly, it’s outrageous. President Obama is on the verge of doing what George W. Bush couldn’t do with a Republican Congress: Put Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits on the chopping block.

We’ve done the polling in swing states — by overwhelming margins, voters oppose these cuts. There’s no need for a bad “deal.” If we fight, voters are on our side.

But if President Obama caves on these core principles, he will be harming all Democrats in 2012 — and millions of Americans will suffer. It’s just wrong.

Tell the president that if he doesn’t fight for Americans now, our money and time will be used fighting for others in 2012. Click here.

The 100,000 who already signed gave over $8.4 million and 1.4 million volunteer hours to the president in 2008. The White House is absolutely watching the progress of this pledge — and we’ll deliver it to the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago soon.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

P.S. We’ll be on MSNBC’s Ed Show tonight around 10:40pm EST discussing this.

From the Progressive Change Campaign Committee

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Christopher Moore July 7, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Well, we gotta pay for keeping those GOP tax breaks for millionaires and oil companies some how… sure some grandmas here & there might have to eat cat food for dinner, but think of all the poor investment bankers who’d have to settle for regular Porsche Cayenne instead of the Turbo S – it just wouldn’t be fair.


Radical Uterus July 7, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Yeah, it’s not fair. They’re rich, they must deserve their wealth otherwise they wouldn’t have it right? How dare the poor complain.Freeloaders.


Sunshine July 8, 2011 at 8:40 pm

i pledged and suggested a trade with President Obama BEFORE he cuts social security & medicare. I asked him to trade my income and benefits for a year or two with his. i hope the people of this country see that enough is enough and stand up against the machine


tj July 11, 2011 at 10:01 am

Dems – Wake Up!

Our EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING President is following in the footsteps of his hero, Self Serving Sell-Out Bill Clinton, & even his former “nemesis” “W” – screwing the masses by pushing the Republican agenda of GREED. They live to pander to the ultra-Rich & multi-National Corporations, their campaign contributers & fellow Bohemian Grove & NWO cronies – the”Ruling Class”(less) @-holes.

O got himself very rich before Clinton did – he’s now a fully vested member of the top 1%+ – with a personal net worth in the $8 figures, another sold-out mouthpiece lawyer. He no longer has anything in common with the average American, & no regard fo them.

Is he pushing to:

Cut or Dismantle the Blood Thirsty War Machine? – No.

Cut Tax Dollar Give Away Foreign Aid? – No.

Establish true Fair Trade Policys with 3rd World Exploiters? – No.

Reform ultra-GREEDY Wall Street? – No.

Sock it to the little guys? – Sounds good to them & their GREEDY pals!

Republican or Democrat? – 6 of one, a half dozen of the other.


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