Fed up taxpayers target tax dodging corporations

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Protesters say its unfair for Bank America to pay zero taxes despite large profits and taking over $1 trillion in federal bailout funds. Photo (c) 2011 by Merton Gaudette.

While the TEA Party calls for tax cuts and slashing services, a new taxpayers’ movement is outraged by some of America’s biggest corporations paying zero taxes while reaping huge profits. Now a national movement calling for corporations to pay a “fair share” has reached the streets in San Diego.

By Maria Yushinsky / East County Magazine / April 20, 2011

Photos by Merton Gaudette (c) 2011

Following the deadline for taxpayers to send in payments to the I.R.S., taxpaying members of U.S. Uncut San Diego, MoveOn.org and other community groups gathered at the San Diego Civic Center on Monday, the 19th. Their goal?

Bringing to light the fact that some U.S. corporations are not paying their “fair share” of taxes and that working people of America are paying the price through cuts in social programs and essential services, say organizers.

Senior citizen wants to see “deadbeat” corporations pay a fair share of taxes, rather than cut Medicare services or Social Security benefits.

Photo (c) 2011 by Merton Gaudetteth.

Approximately 75 protesters including East County residents marched from the Civic Center to the Bank of America building on B Street, chanting and carrying signs. Amid shouts of “I pay, YOU pay, why doesn’t B of A?” leaders attempted to deliver a tax bill to the branch manager for $3,950,000,000 – the amount the group says Bank of America should have paid in taxes since 2006.

Bank America paid zero in federal incomet taxes this year—yet did receive over a trillion dollar bail-out from the federal government. Numerous other U.S. corporations also pocketed billions in profits while paying little or no income taxes.

The corporations contend that raising their taxes would hinder job creation. But critics note that corporate tax rates have been higher in the past, during times of economic strengTaxpayers in the crowd urged the public to close accounts at Bank America to protest its refusal to pay taxes.

For more information including how to join the movement to end “corporate welfare”, visit US Uncut San Diego on Facebook (US Uncut | San Diego) or visit the website at www.USUncutSD.org.

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jettyboy April 22, 2011 at 10:02 am

In a country controlled by these same corporations for the last few decades, why would a rational person think this could be changed by attending demos? Ending corporate welfare in this country controlled by right wing talking points is like pissing in the wind. Sadly it will take much more to have these thieves pay up.


bodysurferbob April 22, 2011 at 1:19 pm

jettyboy – you must be having a bad day, dude. that’s the most cynical, pessimistic comment i’ve read on this here blog for many a moon. jesus h christ, man, we don’t have fascism yet. that square in cairo started with a demo, the french revolution started with a demo. for this to be your only response to an effort by individuals actually together in a group putting focus on companies, very big companies, who don’t pay their share of taxes – which is a very good thing – is so negative and holier than thou, that i want to hug you.


jettyboy April 23, 2011 at 11:57 am

Hey now bsb, me thinks you read to much into my post, or maybe I didn’t make myself clear, for that I apologize. I’m not saying people shouldn’t attend demos, just that it will take much more to make the changes most people think should be done. Starting with demos is a way, but there has to be something to go along with them. Voting for non republican candidates, and those without ties to these corporations would help. I do think these corporations have a strangle hold on the government, but that’s just me I suppose.


bodysurferbob April 23, 2011 at 2:02 pm

jettyboy – sounds like we agree quite a whole bunchero. good on you. our democracy is hanging by a thread.


Ian April 22, 2011 at 1:37 pm

If we taxed consumption (VAT or Sales Tax) rather than production (Income Tax), it wouldn’t be possible for these corporations to dodge their tax bill.

The solution to the problem (we all agree there is a problem), isn’t keeping the same tax code and raising the percentages, it is changing the whole system and the way we collect taxes.


Ubergeezer April 22, 2011 at 11:13 pm

With the confiscatory tax rates instituted in the New Deal, the filthy rich left their winnings in the corporations they owned or controlled. The corporation might own a megayacht or caribbean getaway. They spent money upgraded manufacturing equipment, even wages rather than taking the profit and paying taxes on it. God Bless Confiscatory tax rates. It was great for business reinvestment.


Rick Ward aka mr.rick April 23, 2011 at 3:18 pm

It isn’t gonna mater one whit what the tax code say’s until we put corporate america back in it’s box. As long as they’re considered people they will buy pols.No involvment in politics by any other than humans who can vote or die.


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