Uniquely Yours, All About Avatars and Gravatars

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obrag gravatar

OB Rag gravatar

We love those little icons, called avatars, next to everyone’s comments. It lets us know who is talking with just a glance. They attached to your email address and show up on avatar enabled sites when you comment.

The difference between an AVATAR and a GRAVATAR is pretty simple, an avatar is generally local, or web site specific and the Gravatar (short for Globally Recognized avatar) will follow you out into the world wide web.

On the OB Rag we have set up local avatars for anyone who wants one and many of our readers and writers have one. All you have to do is send me an image to upload and I will put it in your profile, or if you have a twitter avatar that will show up also. On the OB Rag, local avatars override twitter avatars which override global gravatars. If you want a global avatar you must go to the Gravatar website, set up your account, upload your image and presto, you have a Gravatar. If you want your global avatar to show up on the OB Rag instead of the local one, let me know and I can delete your local avatar on our site.

Remember that avatars and gravatars attach to your email address and will show up wherever you comment or post using the email address they are linked to. If you want to comment somewhere anonymously you must use a different email address. It could be pretty embarrassing to have your personal avatar show up next to an anonymous comment, and it’s happened to most of us who use them at some time or another.

Avatars are square and generally smaller than 100 pixels, so pick an image that is recognizable at a small size. The avatars that show up in the “Latest Chatter” in the sidebar of the OB Rag are 25 pixels square, very small, but most of them look pretty good.

There are also generic avatars that are generated for a user that doesn’t have their own gravatar. We use our own generic avatar, but some sites use Identicons, Wavatars or MonsterIDs.

So get a gravatar or send your OB Rag site specific avatar to us at obragblog@gmail.com and we will set one up here for you! Have fun!


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