Final Count: Prop 19 got more votes than Meg Whitman – and why it failed.

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Prop 19 plantsI just had to post this headline. I think it’s great.  Prop 19 got more votes – 3.4 million – than Meg Whitman for governor – 3.1 million.  Yes, it failed by 55% to 45%. For comparison, look at the outcome of the 1972 version of Prop. 19, which would have legalized possession and cultivation of marijuana, but not sales. That proposition failed overwhelmingly, 66.5% to 33.5%.

Here’s some more thoughts on Prop 19:

Three Reasons California’s Pot Legalization Effort Failed

By Dennis Romero / LA Weekly /  Nov. 8 2010

This week the Christian Science Monitor considers Prop. 19 and comes up with three reasons why it didn’t pass:

The federal government’s threat to continue to enforce pot laws in California regardless of the outcome of the election; Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signing of a law that makes small-time pot possession an infraction; and voters’ preoccupation with the economy.

Go here for the remainder of this article.

Prop19 grow econWhat Killed Prop. 19?

Historic effort to legalize marijuana returns in 2012

By Dennis Romero /LA Weekly / Originally published Nov 4 2010

In the end Proposition 19, which lost Tuesday, was more than a pipe dream. A long-shot campaign by a one-man band — a pot-shop owner from Oakland — turned into a bona fide movement to reconsider America’s long-standing marijuana prohibition.

It made national headlines, won support from unions, civil rights groups and even some law enforcement organizations, and, supporters say, took one giant step toward a full-on legalization effort that will likely return to California in 2012.

Stephen Gutwillig, state director of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance, said it was a respectable loss.

“It validates the analysis that prop. 19 has permanently impacted the national debate and moved marijuana legalization into the mainstream of American politics,” he said. “We came up short tonight but it’s clear it’s an issue people take seriously.

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John Smith November 23, 2011 at 10:10 pm

I think weed should be legalized. Someone cannot overdose on weed, it is not addictive physically, but only psychologically and anyone can easily stop smoking. Weed is occasionally actually a somewhat good thing because it releases all of a person’s stress. If cigarettes are legal, which are disgusting and horrible for you, then weed should be legalized too. Anyone that smokes a cigarette is retarded and will go to hell!!! I also believe that if someone is being drug tested then they should have to freedom to go wherever they please, since if they do anything it will show up on a drug test. Most of you people that voted no on prop 19 were probably parents who are convinced by false websites that weed is bad. I’m telling you that you all are FALSELY INFORMED. I believe that only a few percent of voters actually researched weed and its symptoms. I smoke weed 2 times a day and still maintain a 3.9 GPA at harvard university, majoring in politics. If i am elected to a government position one day, i will legalize marijuana and make it easily accessible to all teens and youngsters if they so choose. ONE DAY I WILL WIN AND YOU IGNORANT PARENTS WILL LOSE!!!!!


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